10 Amazing Apps You Should Have On Your Smart Phone

As awesome smartphones keep coming in so as some incredible mobile apps are release everyday in order to make mobile experience smarter and easier, Don't you think it will be nice you have some of those apps running on your mobile devices? If yes, get ready to juice up your mobile experience.
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In this post I have put together some awesome mobile apps to juice up your mobile experience.

List of Apps That Will Make Your Device Smarter

1. Cam Scanner - This app practically turns your smartphone to a portable scanner
  • Quickly Digitalize Document - just use your phone camera to scan and digitalize all kinds of paper documents; receipts, notes, invoice, certificates etc.
  • Optimize Scan Quality - Smart cropping and auto-enhancing ensures the texts and graphics in scanned document are clean and sharp.
  • Extract Text From Image
  • Shares PDF/JPEG Files

The only issue is that the quality of the document scanned depends on the quality of your camera. I'll recommend devices with camera of 8 mega pixels and above, download CAM SCANNER its a paid app on playstore to download for free follow the procedure HERE 

2. Solo Learn Apps - Shout out to all the programmers and Web Developers. Solo learn developed apps that you can use to learn programming on the go. It also provides consoles that you can use to code and test how the codes works. There's a console for HTML, CSS, C#, C++, Python, PHP and More..

To download any of the consoles Just search for Solo learn on play store to see the available apps for free.

3. Moboplayer - This app helps when you're watching your favorite movie and a
WhatsApp message pops up, and you don't want top turn off your data or You're chatting with someone special and you also want to watch a movie at the same time.

All you have to do is play the movie with Moboplayer, minimize it then continue what you're doing with you're phone. The movie should appear in a small box on your screen. I recommend using a device with at least 1gb of ram if you want this app to run without glitches.Download MoboPlayer for free.

4.MusixMatch - Gone are the days when you hear a song you really like and you don't know the name. It's always annoying if you really like the song and it's playing on a radio but you can't download it because you don't know the name.

MusixMatch eliminates all these problems, All you have to do is turn on your data connection, Open The MusixMatch app then Click On Identify lyrics. Place your device near the source of the song. You'll get all the details of the song including the lyrics. Sounds cool right..Download  MusixMatch  for free.

5.MalMath - This app solves mathematical problems and shows you the full steps
and working used to solve the problem. Students can use this to study.. From Differentiation To Algebra and Trigonometry and other more...

All you need to do is to type in the equation. It can also plot graphs. So this app is a must have for every student. Download  MalMath   for free.

6. SquareIt - Most of us want to upload pictures on whatsapp, instagram without cropping this app automatically crop your image full size into a square with perfect digital graphics.
Download SquareIt for free.

7. MSQRD - Play a smart prank on your friends. Ask them to take a selfie with you
using the MSQRD app. They'll be so shocked once they see their change..

P. S. : I'm not responsible if your phone gets thrown away due to shock.. Download MSQRD for free.

9. Assistant Ai - This app is one of my favorites. It provides you with a virtual assistant that helps you with many tasks. You can name your assistant and change the looks. I named mine, Josphine. So when I say or type "Josphine, Check my mail" - she automatically opens my mail.
Here's a list of some things my assistant can do, yours can also do the same.
Turn On/Off Wifi
Turn On/Off Bluetooth
Check my mail and send email
Update my Facebook status
Book A Flight
Make Reservations
Search For Places
Open Websites
Calculate simple MATHS problems
Check live scores
Find new movies and songs
Check movie details
Check Breaking News
Play Music
Open Apps
Read and send SMS
Set A Reminder And Alarms
Make Calls... AND MORE... I won't drop any more spoilers, download
the app and find out more.  Download Assistant Ai for free

10. There are more amazing apps that can make your smartphone smarter, feel free to add yours.

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