Damage Phone ScreenLight Cause To The Eye & Possible Solution

Digital eye strain, sometimes referred to as computer vision syndrome, is well documented. If you’ve ever experienced dry or irritable eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, or head, neck and back pain after using a computer or smartphone, then you’re familiar with it.
Phone screenlight effect to eyes
The amount of time we spend staring at screens has increased dramatically in the last few years. We know that our sedentary lifestyles spent staring at screens impacts our physical health thanks to the obesity crisis, and we’re starting to explore the impact on our mental well-being as anxiety disorders are on the rise, but what effect is all this screen time having on our eyesight?

“No one knows for sure at this point if prolonged use of digital devices actually causes permanent damage to the eyes,” explained Gary Heiting, OD, senior editor of AllAboutVision.com, “but it’s well established that it causes eye strain and discomfort.”


  1. Actually with smartphones one can reduce the screenlight brightness;
  • Goto Phone Settings
  • Click on Display
  • Click on Brightness
then adjust the screen brightness to lowest level.

2. In some smartphones lowest level is bright to some users so in this case you need the help of an application to dim it to your desired gauge.

Download some of the Screenlight dimmers directly from AppStore or Google Playstore

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