Learn How To Add Subtitle To Your Movie or Tv Series

watching movies or TV shows with subtitles, gives joy when they are absolutely in sync is priceless. These subtitles simply act as a helping hand most of the time.

When it comes to videos mobile and still want to watch them with subtitles, MX Player is your best option. It gives total control over the video subtitles and offers nothing less than the desktop players.

There are two basic ways to achieve this task which I refer to has Manual & Automatic method

  • Download latest MX PLAYER HERE
  • Install and play your desired movie with MX PLAYER
Click the 3 dots at the right corner

Click on subtitle

Click on Get Subtitle Online

Click search

Enter the movie title

Select your desired .srt then click Download

Leave MX PLAYER to do the magic

  • After u download your video at any format assuming is mp4, you most download the same movie's Subtitle file, you can get it on Google or by clicking on one of d best Subtitles site: www.tvsubtitles.net then choose d  language u want to download then extract it to .srt format.
  • I would recommend u transferring the file to the same folder as your video, with the same name as that of the video.
  • For example, if the video name is Supergirl S01E15.mp4, the subtitle name should be Supergirl S01E15.srt
  • STEP 3: Start playing the video, u will see ur movies or tvseries movies playing with fully Subtitled.

That’s it, enjoy it

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