Learn How To Hack Android Games/Apps To Get Unlimited Money Or Play Offline

Have you ever desired to have unlimited money/coin in your admired game or play online games in offline mode? The solution is here.

Lucky Patcher APK is the best app for blocking ads in Android games and/or apps, making games full offline version, stopping license verification & In-app purchases, improving battery life and many more tweaks.

This app is unrivaled and works extremely well on both low-end and high-end android devices as long as they are properly rooted (see how to root android without pc)

Lucky Patcher APK can do lots of tweaks on any rooted android phone and/or device. Some of the features are listed below for you to explore.

Lucky Patcher APK can be used to do the following actions for games and/or apps installed in a rooted android device.
  • Apply Custom Patch to apps (where available)
  • Remove License Verification
  • Make games and/or apps a full offline version
  • Use all game pro-features without making extra payment (Game cheat)
  • Remove Google ads, Amazon ads and/or other forms of advertisement
  • Support Patch for InApp and LVL emulation
  • Change App’s Component
  • Create a modified APK file for games and apps
  • ODEX apps
  • Disable bloatware and intrusive system apps
  • Convert apps to system apps (to avoid deletion)
  • Convert system apps to user app (to allow deletion)
  • Back Up raw APK file for games and apps
How To Use
  1. Download Latest Lucky Patcher v6.1.7 HERE
  2. Launch and click on any game or app for options and patches
Let's Use Hill Climbing Racing Has Example
 Click on the App/Game you desire to Patch

Click on Open Menu of Patches

Click on Custom Patch

Click the First Patcher

Click on Apply and wait for Lucky Patcher to do the rest, in case the result is unsuccessful then go back and click the Second Patcher.

There a lot of things that can be done through Lucky Patcher, watch the video below to see more: 


Do not use for features you do not support!

You can limit the use to just an "ads blocker app" - if you are a saint!

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