See How To Use Verve Paycode To Withdraw Cash From The ATM Without ATM Card

Technological advancement has invent useful things to solve human problems and everyday new inventions are coming up.

This is a big one and I believe Nigerians will love this, Am I Right? Okay! Lets continue…..

Do you know you can now Withdraw Cash from the ATM without your ATM Card? – Also, You can even send a code to your friend, they go to the ATM, Type the code and gbam! The cash is out. Sounds interesting right? Its 100% Real.

This service is powered by Verve and its called “Verve Paycode“.

Read the through life story that explains how the Verve’s Paycode works.

Read below:-


Na so Ochuko go Cantee go chop, Baba chop finish and when he was about to pay, story change.. He couldn’t find the money in his Wallet.

“But shey na this trouser I wear yesterday?”

“But I collect change from conductor nau?”

“E don tey boys wash plate for buka o, how I go take beg Iya Sikira now!” He thought.

He picked up his phone and scrolled for who to call for help, he decided to call his uncle “Oghenewede” and the following conversation ensued between them:-

“How far, you fit burst me small cash, I dey one kind emergency” He said confidently.

“Erm see, I go send you Verve Paycode now, type the code for ATM, and e go give you cash” Oghenewede replied.

“You can’t guy a guyman now, which one be Verve Paycode again?”

“Bros, paycode na new service from Verve. When you DOWNLOAD the Verve World app for your phone, just register, generate the Paycode with the app or just dial *322*8*AMOUNT# then you fit dey give your guys Paycode and them no go need card to withdraw the money!”

“Leave long talk for that former senator, send me the paycode sharply”


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