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How To Add a Shortcut of Web Page on Android Home Screen

Have you ever wanted to eliminate the need to type your favorite websites address every time you want to access the site? To just tap on its shortcut to open the page, In this tutorial I am going to show you how to achieve that on 2 different browsers Chrome and FireFox 

Here is how it goes on Chrome Browser 1. Open Chrome for Android and go to your Favorite web page then press the menu button (either at the top right corner on some device or below the screen)
2. Now press "Add to Home Screen"
3. You can now edit the label on your shortcut then press add
4. Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen 

Here is How its done on FireFox Browser  1. Open FireFox for Android and go to your Favorite web page then press the menu button (either at the top right corner on some device or below the screen)
2. Now press "Page"
3. Tap "Add to Home Screen"
4. Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen 
Tip: If you want to change the label on your shortcut, bookmar…

Enjoy New Etisalat 3Hrs Unlimited Browsing For Just N15

Most of us enjoyed Etisalat unlimited downloading we posted Herebut quite unfortunate Etisalat stopped the unlimited downloading yesterday, here we are again with another method you can browse unlimited with your Etisalat Sim

How To Subscribe For Etisalat 3 Hours Unlimited Browsing
Dial *200#, then reply 2 follow by 1 to Migrate to easy starter.Migrate again to easy life by dialing *620*1#To opt in for 3hours unlimited browsing with 15 Naira, dial *229* 3*7#NOTE: Make sure you transfer your remaining
credit to some where to avoid deduction
when browsing.

You can opt out after 3hours to conserve your money by dialing *227* 0# And the more you opt out and opt in the more 3hours that will be added to your internet plan and 15naira is deduct from your etisalat balance.

Hot! Etisalat Unlimited Downloading is Back

Being a while we enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading on Etisalat after they stopped the chat pack unlimited browsing but this one is different because there's no data throttling, let's go...

How does it works

1. Subscribe to bblite plan either daily, weekly or monthly with this codes:

Daily N70 *559*2*2# or text Dlite to 399Weekly N350 *559*2*1# or text Wlite to 399Monthly N1000 *559*2# or text Mlite to 399I'll recommend the text for quick response

2. Goto to your mobile Apn settings and use the below settings
Proxy: Empty
Port: Empty

3. Download Psiphon HERE or any other VPN app

Use this settings

Proxy type: Real Host

Proxy server:
Then click save

Goto more option

UN - tick connect through HTTP proxy
Go back. And wait for some seconds for it to connect

Watch this Video for easy understanding:

Incase you have any question use the comment box to get quick response

Enjoy unlimited...

How Smartphone Makers Defraud Nigerian of Their Hard Earn money

Before I start my discussion, I want to say Nigeria is a wonderful country where people suffer yet smile as if all is okay, what I want to share today is a disturbing trend in the Nigeria mobile market that no one is willing to talk about for some few years.
OEM’s has seen Nigeria as a dumping zone where any shady activity is allowed. what do I mean? Now, I have seen a couple of phone makers make a certain phone with 1GB RAM, and then few-months later, they release the same phone with 2GB RAM and add appellations like “Plus, Max, Pro” at the end of the original name. These OEM’s deliberate intention is for Nigerians to dump their new phone to purchase the same phone with re-branded name. Bad!

The United States has a regulatory body called FCC that checks the quality and authenticity of phones coming into their country. Even the highly rated Xaiomi had a tough time entry the U.S market because of the standards the Chinese OEM had to meet.

Over here in Nigeria, the Standard Organization of…

How To Know A Fake Power Bank

According to research made by ITPulse Nigeria is ranked 17th in global smartphone usage this result to the increase in demand for Power banks as we know Nigeria and epileptic power supply are twin brother, now the major means to keep our smartphones running is through Power banks, so this has made fake producers to come into this business.

What's the bad effect of fake power bank? The powerbank will work but definitely it is with low quality or substantial materials and this what makes it dangerous to use. because they often are made of the low quality recycled battery cells making the risk of explosion with slightest manhandling.

How To detect a fake power bank  1. You need to know the hours it takes  an original powerbank to be 100% fully charged, to know this you need to understand what's called mAh whenever you see it on powerbanks.

Milliamp HHoursor mAh is a unit used to quantify how long a battery will last given a constant power draw, but it is frequently used as a means to …

How To Know If A Facebook Account Has Being Hacked & How To Recover Account Back

This post is sourced from HOVATEK, you can get the original post Here.

We all know there's virtually no limit to what hackers can do even the almighty Mark Zuckerberg facebook's account was hacked sometime ago and there are many reasons why hackers hijack facebook account maybe to impersonate ones identity or to carry out dubious activities and the rate at which people’s Facebook accounts get hacked / hijacked is on the rise and they are at fault in many cases. I’ve been receiving emails from members asking how to regain control of their compromised Facebook accounts so I thought to put together this brief guide.

How did my Facebook account get hacked?

The most likely way your account got hacked is phishing. Phishing is when you receive an SMS or email from a malicious source (claiming to be Facebook) providing a URL which when clicked, prompts you to supply your Facebook credentials. Using the same password for multiple online accounts could be another cause.

How do I know that …

Tumblr is Launching Live Video Today

Twitter has Periscope. Amazon has Twitch. Google has YouTube’s live streaming. And Facebook has Facebook Live. Now, Tumblr is getting into live video, too. The company is preparing to launch a new live video feature on its service, beginning tomorrow, which will introduce a series of live broadcasts as well as a user-facing feature that could compete with Facebook Live, among other things. Currently, Tumblr is cryptically teasing the new addition via promos on the Tumblr blog, which was first spotted by David Chartier, who posted a tweet:

Tumblr plans to compete in the fast-crowding live video space, according to a promotional webpage unearthed by Twitter user David Chartier over this past weekend. The page,, features a programming schedule and a launch date of June 21st, though the date may not be set in stone. TechCrunchconfirmed today the images are indeed Tumblr advertising material for the new platform. It's unclear how the company'…

How Chrome Browser Damage Your Laptop Battery Life

We all know Google Chrome is a resource hungry Web browser. But how bad is it compared to the likes of Microsoft Edge and others? Pretty bad actually, if Microsofts very own test is anything to go by.

Microsoft Edge Gives You 70% More Battery Life Compared To Google Chrome
Microsoft has created two tests to measure the power consumption by browsers: the first is a test in a lab-controlled environment measuring typical browsing behavior on popular sites, while the second experiment times how long streaming HD video lasts. Unsurprisingly, Chrome lasts just four hours and 19 minutes on the streaming video test, compared to seven hours and 22 minutes for Microsoft's Edge browser.

Microsoft's lab-controlled tests also show that Chrome, Opera, and Firefox all use more battery power than Edge during an automated cycle of opening sites, scrolling articles, watching videos, and opening new tabs. To further prove Microsoft's point, the company is also releasing aggregated telemetry dat…

Damtop Launches Operation Search For Me

Damtop started some months ago and to the glory of God we have witnessed visitors all around the world most especially Nigeria and United States we're indeed thankful, We at Damtop decide to show love by launching Operation Search For Me, on this site. 

OPERATION SEARCH FOR ME Actually there are some files and/or apps that are not popular or sparingly available on the web (Google) may be older version, Damtop want to search for you but we're going to limit our search to Android app/files for now later we're going to extend this privilege to PC softwares 
Types of App and File Apps (Older or Newer) version File (Game, Pdf file)Paid Apps/Game (we will fetch possible free download link)
Note: Any app/file you want us to search please Indicate the particular version
Use the comment box below to write out your desired apps and direct download link will be posted immediately

LeEco About Releasing 8GB Ram Smartphone

Leshi Internet Information & Technology, also known as LeEco (Formerly Letv), is a Chinese technology company, and one of the largest online video companies in China, It has launched four smartphones under its Le brand - the Le 1, Le 1 Pro, Le Max and Le 1S. The four dual-SIM smartphones are claimed to be the first in the world to come with USB Type-C ports.

It seems LeEco is taking Android smartphones in the realm of PCs with this kind of ridiculously huge specifications. 8GB of RAM looks more like an overkill, there are gaming PCs around with only 6GB of random access memory performing excellently.

LeEco already has a 6GB RAM phone, and this company was one of the first to have 6GB RAM devices in the market. It currently boasts of having the fastest smartphone in the world according to Antutu and it was also the first company to make use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. It shouldn’t really be surprising if it puts a whole 8GB RAM on a smartphone.

It doesn’t seem to be the war …

See The New Nokia Android Phone Coming Out Soon

Over the weekend, I saw a bunch of images on Twitter, with claims that “this is what the Nokia-branded Android smartphone” will look like. When I saw the images, my first thought was that the new phone (if it’s not a hoax) looked a lot like a Blackberry PRIV with the keyboard tucked in. I love it. 

As we all Know Nokia products are of good quality this will be an added advantage for Nokia brand in the Android competitive market.

5 Major Apps That Drains Your Data & Possible Solutions

The apps that use the most data typically are the apps that you use the most. For a lot of people, that's Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. If you use any of these apps daily, change these settings to reduce how much data they use.

1. Whatsapp: Stop media auto downloadSome members on whatsapp group cannot stop sending in irrelevant images, audios & videos those who are into multiple groups on whatsapp knows exactly what we're talking about here and most of these stuffs download automatically which in-turn drains our data, unless you turnoff auto download. Here's how:

Open your Whatsapp > Select menu > Settings

Select Data Usage > Click On When using mobile data >Un-Tick everything you see then it'll change To No media as shown below

2. Facebook: Stop autoplaying videos
Checking Facebook every five minutes certainly eats into your data plan, but checking Facebook every five minutes while letting it autoplay videos is worse. Thankfully, you …

TouchPal X! New Way To Type Fast On Your Android Phone

I figured there had to be a better way to type on touchscreen devices so I did some research and came across this wonderful app called TouchPal X and it was (and still is) free. Installing and Setting up TouchPal X You can install TouchPal X from the Google Playstore app or download the apk HERE and install.  1. Once Installation is complete, Select Open 2. Tap 1 enable  TouchPal X 
3. Tap Continue if you get a Privacy Policy prompt
4. Tick the box in front of TouchPal X and select OK to confirm 5. Press the back (arrow) button to continue with number 2 (relaunch TouchPal X if it gets minimized)
6. Tap 2 Set as active keyboard
7. Select TouchPal X
8. Tap 3 Coolest way to input
9. See the introductory clip on using TouchPal X
Behold the screenshot of the TouchPal X keyboard. What a beauty!
How to use TouchPal X