How To Know A Fake Power Bank

According to research made by ITPulse Nigeria is ranked 17th in global smartphone usage this result to the increase in demand for Power banks as we know Nigeria and epileptic power supply are twin brother, now the major means to keep our smartphones running is through Power banks, so this has made fake producers to come into this business.

What's the bad effect of fake power bank?
The powerbank will work but definitely it is with low quality or substantial materials and this what makes it dangerous to use. because they often are made of the low quality recycled battery cells making the risk of explosion with slightest manhandling.

How To detect a fake power bank 
1. You need to know the hours it takes  an original powerbank to be 100% fully charged, to know this you need to understand what's called mAh whenever you see it on powerbanks.

Milliamp HHoursor mAh is a unit used to quantify how long a battery will last given a constant power draw, but it is frequently used as a means to describe energy storage capacity as well. A higher number means that the battery can store more energy, so it has a higher capacity. Of course, this also means longer battery life for a given usage.

What these mean in summary is that mAh determine what capacity a battery cell can store in hours,  and most power banks available in Nigeria are 5V 1A which means they can charge at the rate of 1000mah per hour, so if you get a power bank that is 5000mah such power bank is meant to be fully charged in less than 4hrs. This is how I calculate it.

Normally it takes 1hr to charge a 1000mah battery but in the line of power transmission there is around 20% power lost in transfer into powerbank which means 80% is charged every one hour, So to know how many  hours it'll take powerbank of  5000mah to be charged all you need to do is multiply 5000 by 80% then divide by 1000 that's all.

Now if you see a power bank of 10400mah you should know it will take about 8 hours 30minutes with the calculation process, when you purchase such power bank and it gets full around 5hours it's pure fake, so always use this calculation whenever you want to purchase a new powerbank

2. Another way to know a fake power bank is if there is no brand name written on the powerbank.

3. Price is also a major way,  a new power bank of 4400mah shouldn't be less than 2k to 3k and 15000mah for 6k to 7k so if you get a powerbank that 30000mah is written on and you are told to bring 5k it's pure fake.

If there are any other ways you use in detecting fake power banks please use the comment box to share.

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