How To Know If A Facebook Account Has Being Hacked & How To Recover Account Back

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We all know there's virtually no limit to what hackers can do even the almighty Mark Zuckerberg facebook's account was hacked sometime ago and there are many reasons why hackers hijack facebook account maybe to impersonate ones identity or to carry out dubious activities and the rate at which people’s Facebook accounts get hacked / hijacked is on the rise and they are at fault in many cases. I’ve been receiving emails from members asking how to regain control of their compromised Facebook accounts so I thought to put together this brief guide.

How did my Facebook account get hacked?

The most likely way your account got hacked is phishing. Phishing is when you receive an SMS or email from a malicious source (claiming to be Facebook) providing a URL which when clicked, prompts you to supply your Facebook credentials. Using the same password for multiple online accounts could be another cause.

How do I know that my Facebook account has been hacked? 

You would usually be unable to login to your account using your previous credentials or begin seeing strange messages / posts by your account.

How do I regain access to my Facebook account?

  • The first thing you should do is change the password to your email account.
  • If you notice strange wall posts by your account, its probably some app you granted access to your Facebook account.  Navigate to Settings > Apps and delete any strange App, Website or Plugin on the list.
  • If a hacker has locked you out of your account, try using the Forgot password link on the login page to regain access.
  • If the password reset code feature gets temporarily disabled because you and the hacker have been at a tug of war then you should now see a link prompting you to temporarily lock your account if you think it has been hacked. You will however need to answer your security question correctly to proceed with account recovery

I regained access to my Facebook account but it got hacked again shortly after. How did this happen? 

One technique a hacker could use to re-hijack your Facebook account is to have added his / her email address under General Account Settings > Account after the first hack. This way, the hacker can initiate a valid password reset using his / her email address already added to your account recovery options. Once you regain access, you should lookout for any strange email address or phone number in your account recovery setting and delete. Also ensure you change your email account’s password.

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