How To Use Your Google Account To Locate Your Missing Android Phone

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How To Use Your Google Account To Locate Your Missing Android Phone

There are various applications for locating missing Android phone(s), in this guide we’ll be looking at a way to use your Google account to locate your missing Android phone.

Requirements for tracking

  • Location settings must be set to ON
  • The phone must have been linked to you google account

How to setup my Android phone to be locate using my Google account?

1. On the phone, navigate to settings > Security and select Location

2. Toggle Location On (or tick the box if that’s how yours appears)

3. Tap Yes when prompted about a security reminder

4. Tap Agree when prompted about improving location accureacy

5. Your phone is all set to be located if lost

How do I locate my missing Android phone using my Google account?
2. Type in the address bar then tap Enter (or visit
3. In the search bar, type Find my phone, Click “Allow” if prompted

4. Click the Map that appears (with locating your phone)

5. You should now be in Device Manager which will begin attempting to locate your phone

6. Once your phone is located, its Location (and accuracy) will appearon the map

7. Select the device to be located by clicking the dropdown menu

8. To have your missing phone ring, click Ring

9. When prompted, click “Ring” to proceed

10. The phone will begin ringing loudly

11. Click “Enable Lock &Erase” to explore additional options

12. To lock the phone, click “Lock”

13. Supply the password to lock the phone with, your custom message and phone number then click “Lock”

14. The phone will get locked

15. The password you set will be required to unlock the phone

16. If you wish to Wipe your data (incase you have very sensitive information on it) then go back to step 11 and select Erase

17. Click “Erase” to confirm

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