Ever wonder why ATM uses 4 digit pin? See reasons here

The Automated Teller Machine commonly known as ATM was invented by Adrian Shepherd-Barron a Scottish inventor in 1976. ATM have been around for 5 decades now one of the most commodious inventions till date. ATMs are now installed across the globes, making it super convenient for those who have debit or credit cards to withdraw cash.

Short history about the inventor, Barron born in Shilling, son to a Wimbledon ladies doubles champion Dorothy Barron, was very creative and innovative since childhood.

Back to the topic, ever wondered why most ATM pin have only four digits? Wouldn’t it be more intellectual if the PIN was longer for security purpose and tough to guess for others? Just like our long and hard recharge card pin as they are 16 numbers. Well, Scottish inventor John Adrian Shepherd-Barron, the man who pioneered the development of the ATM machine, had also proposed a 6-digit PIN.
But if a burglar or thief steals your card, the only wall securing your money is your 4-digit ATM PIN. But, for a hacker, this is quite easy, isnt it? Then why ATM pins have only 4-digit code.

Why ATM uses only 4-Digit Code?

Scots wife Caroline rejected the longest series of numbers and the idea of the 6-digit PIN as wittily she could only remember the numbers up to four. Apparently, 6 numbers series together were too much information for her to recall, so she rejected Barrons idea of 6 numbers series.

Today there are some banks that provides 6 digit PINs for more safety purposes, shouldnt those of us using 4 digit PINs be thanking Mrs. Caroline?

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