How to Fix Android Insufficient Storage Space While Installing/Updating App

How does it feels whenever you want to install or update a new application and your device prompts you insufficient Storage Space?  Gauche Right, Today I'm going to shed light on why and how to successfully bypass insufficient storage space.

Some android device has expandable space to slot in external memory cards while some basically works on in-built space only, in the former case there are possible chances of moving entire apps both pre-installed (in-built) apps and custom apps while latter can possibly clear all cache (junk files) stored by apps.

How to Stop Insufficient Storage Space

I will show you two methods on how to stop insufficient storage, the first guide requires no-rooting while the second guide requires rooting.

How To Stop Insufficient Storage Space without Rooting 

1. Open the Settings app, tap Apps, in some device it’s Applications, or Applications Manager option.

2. Scroll sideways to the ALL section. You'll see a list of all apps and how much storage space they're taking.

3. Tap the Menu or More button and choose Sort By Size to arrange the apps by which take the most space. 

4. Tap an app to see how much storage space it is taking, both for the app and its data (the Storage section) and for its cache (the Cache section).

5. Tap Clear Cache to remove its cache and free up that space. You could also tap Clear data, but that removes your files, which is most likely a bad idea.

Repeat this step above for each app to free more space.

In some devices, there's a faster way to clear all the apps' cache automatically:

6. Open the Settings app, tap Storage (it should be in the System tab or section). You'll see how much storage is used, with details for cached data broken out.

7. Tap Cached Data. In the confirmation form that appears, tap Delete to free up that cache for working space, or tap Cancel to leave the cache alone.

How To Stop Insufficient Storage Space on Rooted device             

  • Rooting 
  • Lucky Patcher           
Note: This step requires rooting, if you don’t understand Rooting check What is Rooting, incase you want to root your Android device there are many apps that can do that, but the most guaranteed is KINGROOT while rooting with kingroot you will need to turn-on mobile data to carry out the rooting process successfully and within some minutes your android device will be successfully rooted.

Download latest Kingroot v4.9

That said, now after rooting you will need to download lucky Patcher, with this app you can move both in-built apps and custom app to external memory.

Download latest lucky Patcher v6.2

Follow this guide to free internal storage space

1. Install and open lucky Patcher > Navigate on any app you want to move to SD card > Tap it > Click “Move to /sdcard” >  Click “yes” 

2. Wait for some moment “depend on the size of the app” > then a success message will pop up

3. Repeat this step for each app to free more space.

Watch the video below for easy understanding:

You can also watch the video in this link 👉

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