how to fix PC not detecting Android Phone through USB connection

This post is sourced from HOVATEK, you can get the original post Here. When you connect your Android phone to the PC (both Internal and SD card) are meant to be detected together. But there are some cases where you connect Android phone to PC and you hear a USB connection sound and yet nothing is detected or displayed on the screen, this also happen to me when I connect Android phone to a PC for the first time even when the Android phone has been connected to the PC before, yet I still get this problem.

I checked under Device Manager and noticed that MTP had a warning icon (yellow triangle) on it meaning it had somehow malfunctioned. On right-clicking and selecting properties, I saw

This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)
A service installation section in this INF is invalid.
To find a driver for this device, click Update Drive.

So I decided to find a lasting solution. Today I will show you how to fix MTP USB Device Driver not configured correctly.
How to Fix MTP USB Device Driver (USB Device not configured correctly)

You simply need to install the Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit Download MTP and
Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows for Windows 7 here, Windows 8Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 here, depending on which your PC is running on. Also, ensure to download the 32 or 64 bit version depending on which your PC is running on.

How do I know if my PC is a 32 or 64 bit PC?

To check this, right-click My Computer (or This PC) and select Properties. Youll find it in front of System Type.

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  1. Sometime, USB cable is causing the problem. Just like mine.

    1. Sure Jayce, that's when the transmission problem is from the USB receptacle host, sometimes with such problem the cable will still charge your device normal. In such case it's better to replace the USB cable.