How to Get MTN 28GB for 2000 Naira Only for a Month

This post is my personal secret of surfing the internet unlimitedly with my MTN SIM and I want you guys to also enjoy it, I know you may be wondering is it possible to get MTN 28GB for Just N2000 don’t worry you will understand, actually it requires tweaking in case you cannot tweak your device then you will get 24GB instead of 28GB.

Note: this data works flawlessly in all devices ranging from iPhone, Android Smartphone, Tablet/iPad, Window Phone, Java/Symbian, BB 10 and Laptop etc

How to Get MTN 28GB for N2000 Naira In a Month

Firstly you need to tweak the following IMEI numbers
  • 352262070765417
  • 352262070765425
  • 352262070765433
  • 352262070765441
  • 352262070765458
  • 352262070765466
You can also use IMEI ANALYZER to generate your own IMEI.

After successful tweaking MTN will reply within 2 minutes if the IMEI is correct or not used, a reply like this "Welcome to MTN family. Please dial *131# NOW to buy any Data bundle and enjoy INSTANT FREE 100% BONUS for the next 6 Months. Happy Surfing."

To get the 28GB for N2000, You will make subscription 4 times in a month that is N500 every week, so for each N500 subscription MTN will credit you 7GB instantly like my screenshot below.

You wonder how come? now if you dial *103# for MTN weekly subscription you will be given 1024MB for 7 days but if you had already tweaked that particular Sim it will be doubled 2048MB for a week and recently MTN introduced WowWeekend Package, check a post on MTN WowWeekend to know more, when you make this subscription on Friday (weekend) MTN will credit you another 5GB, altogether making 7GB.

If you make this subscription weekly you will get 7GB times 4 weeks which is 28GB altogether in a month, you get the logic.

This is far better than Glo 10GB for N2000, and if you are a Zoto fan like myself you won't spend up to N2000 monthly for this subscription.

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