How to Unlock Itel it1507 Pattern Lock (Video)

That moment when you forget the pattern or password you used to lock your phone, don't panic there's a always a solution, I search the net I discovered that most post about unlocking ITEL pattern the comment I see is it's not working for me.

In this tutorial I will show you how to unlock ITEL pattern or password lock and also I will attach a VIDEO TUTORIAL in order to make it understandable. The ITEL brand for this tutorial is ITEL It1507.

How to Unlock Forgotten Pattern or Password on ITEL it1507

Firstly, turn off your phone

Press the Power Button, Immediately Press the Volume down button

Then ITEL logo will pop up immediately release your finger from power button; don’t remove the other finger on volume down button.

Till an Android Robot Logo displays on the screen like the screenshot below, then release your finger.

Now press both volumes up and power button simultaneously, you will see some list in recovery mode

Use the volume down button to scroll down to WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET.

Press the Power button as OK

Then scroll down to YES----DELETE ALL USER DATA

Press Power button again as OK, after successful wiping complete.

Use the Power button to click on REBOOT SYSTEM NOW.

Now you have successfully unlock your ITEL smartphone.

Watch the tutorial below for the complete video guide:

Or use this link to watch the video live on YouTube:

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