Watch Massive TEB-1 Bus Passing Over Cars In China

Technology now is an inevitable part of our society. From waking up in the morning to preparing breakfast and dinner. Technology changes drastically with the rise of each day, and with this, our life also shuffles back and forth, we almost depend on technology. Technology sometimes has a bad reputation but we're not emphasizing that today.

Has we know China is the most populated country in the world, because of this movement is now a gridlock and emission of toxic waste from combustible engines is increasing, This has made China to come up with a first of its kind technological breakthrough called TEB-1 or Transit Elevated Bus made to pass over cars while moving or standing.

The video below depicts the computer generated view of the massive bus passing over cars 

You can watch the video in this link đź‘‰

The impressive and rather alarming vehicle -- imagine being literally overtaken by it -- houses passengers 4.8 meters (15.6 feet) above the road, and was first revealed as a concept back in May.

Raised up on rails on either side of a two-lane highway, the "straddling bus" glides over China's notoriously intense traffic and is much cheaper than building an underground train system, according to The Guardian. Each TEB-1 carries up to 300 people.

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