Best Mobile Apps for Learning Programming Language

Do you want to create a website, app or you want to be a web designer and you don’t know the steps to take? Don’t worry, there are some user friendly mobile programming apps that have been developed to guide beginners to learn all kinds of programming language (CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, PHP, SWIFT, and SQL etc) step by step for free.
Sololearn Apps

These programming apps have been developed to make programming language exuberance for beginners and for each study there’s a test to practice in order to move the next chapter, to crown it all when you complete the course you will be issued a certificate by SOLOLEARN. is an online web where you learn how to code for free! In order to make coding easy Sololearn has developed learning programming apps for  Android,  iPhone,  Window Phone users with over 9 million learners across the world.

learning programming language

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Learn Programming Apps developed by Sololearn:

1. Learn HTML:

this free app will teach you how to design a web page using HTML. Download for Android here, iPhone here, Window Phone here

2. Learn CSS: this app will teach you how to control the style and layout of websites.

Download for Android here, iPhone here, Window Phone here

3. Learn Python: this app covers the following topics:
• Python Basics
• Data Types
• Control Structures
• Functions and Modules
• Exceptions
• Working with Files
• Functional Programming
• Object-Oriented Programming
• Regular Expressions
• ...and even more!

Download for Android here, iPhone here, Window Phone here

4. Learn Javascript: Learn all the basic features of JavaScript programming: ways to make your website more interactive, change website content, validate forms, create cookies, and so much more.

Learn PHP, Learn SQL and Learn Swift etc

They're all available on Google Playstore, iPhone Appstore and Microsoft Store.

Watch this demo to know more about sololearn apps:

Learn while playing and play while learning with sololearn apps. 

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