How to Enable or Disable Softkeys on an Android phone

First of all for those who do not know what soft keys are, some devices do not have any hardware buttons below the screen but have on-screen virtual buttons. These soft keys were first introduced in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices.Some users prefer soft keys where some do not. 
how to enable soft key

So here is a guide to enable soft keys and disable actual hardware buttons on devices
running on Android 4.0 or higher.
Disclaimer: Before moving any further you should know that there is a risk to brick your device and your device may enter into
bootloop. We won’t be held responsible for any damage caused to your device.
  • A rooted Android devices, check out how to root
  • your android device .
  • File manager on your device like X-plore or ES File Explorer or Root Explorer for you to access your root memory.
  • The device must be charged at least upto 70%.

How to Enable Soft keys

  • Open the file manager
  • Navigate to /system in the
  • root folder
  • Take a backup of the file build.prop for safety just in case something goes wrong
  • Open build.prop in a text editor
  • Add the following at the end qemu.hw.mainkeys=0
  • Save the file
  • Reboot your device
  • Disable the Soft keys
If you wish to disable the soft keys that you enabled on your android device follow this procedure.
  • Open the file manager
  • Navigate to /system in the root folder
  • Open build.prop in a text editor
  • At the end replace 0 with 1 or just restore the backup of build.prop 
  • Original: qemu.hw.mainkeys=0
  • New: qemu.hw.mainkeys=1
  • Save the file
  • Reboot your device. 
     2nd method :
If you can't go through the first method, here's the easiest way of doing it.

Here, you have to make use of softkeys enable. Download the app on Google play store or click here to download. Install the app and launch, then click on enable soft keys if you want it enabled. To disable, you'll have to click on disabled.

That's how to enable or disable softkeys. You can drop your comments and contributions below.

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