How to Subscribe Airtel 20GB for 200 Naira only

Airtel has released a new subscription plan for you to enjoy your social media apps (facebook, Whatsapp and bbm) for 25 days; this new subscription plan is capped at 20GB for 200 naira only.
How to Subscribe Airtel 20GB for 200 Naira

How can I subscribe Airtel 20GB for N200?

  • Make sure you have upto N200 in your Airtel Sim
  • Dial *688# then reply with 2. You'll get a subscription successful message 
  • To check balance dial *140#
Airtel 20GB for 200 Naira

I confirmed this plan myself it works flawlessly on 3G network.

Update: finally we have discovered that the GB works flawlessly on Opera V 7.5, if you don't have Opera V 7.5 download here.

After installing launch the app
Type then on the Roogen search box type any url to test.

That's all... Enjoy, if you have any question kindly use the comment box.

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  1. if u use facebook or bbm host it should work on psiphon

    1. That's what I'm dealing with right now Dan, so far it works fast on facebook, whatsapp and bbm.