8 Things You Never Knew iPhone Can Do

Heard we never get to use up the potential of the mobile gadget we are always found of, this is a must stop for those out there that doesn't know this, let's get started.
Things you never knew iPhone can do
1. iPhone tends to charge faster when it's on airplane mode, this is possible because you will be disconnected from all means of connection except Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While disconnected, your phone is ideal, it conceive energy.

2. iPhone allows you to simply undo your mistake by shaking your phone. This feature is also available while sending an email and editing a photo.

3. You sure know how to take a screenshot with your iPhone, this is for those that either know and have forgotten or don't know at all. Press the power button down with your iPhone button, and that's it, you just got yourself a screenshot of whatever your screen shot, kinda like that one, "screenshot what ever my screen shot".

4. You sure have numerous times want to sleep and listen to a song or audiobook, as they say Apple is not far from the tree, I've got the tree that has the right size of an apple you'd always longed for.
Launch your clock app, tap on Timer the button located at the lower right corner of the screen. You can now set the timer to however long you want the media to play, now tap "When Timer End" and scroll down to the bottom, tap on "Stop Playing".
You cannot sit back.… No! You can now lay down and listen to the music and fall into the hands of sleep, enjoy the moment.

5. iPhone can actually take pictures with its volume keys, you just need to launch the camera app, press down the volume key and down key, enjoy your volume key press selfie or groupie.

6. iPhone can read text to you without being connected to the internet, wait for it. This is how, launch "Setting" app, scroll down and select "General", tap "Accessibility", turn on "Speak Selection", there is a variety of voices from the "Speak Selection" menu. To use the feature, you highlight the text you want to hear her read to you, tap the "Speak" button in the pop up menu, if you can't see the beloved "Speak" button, you would see an arrow key facing rightward, tap it, tap "Speak".
iPhone tips and tricks
7. How to add web suffixes easily with just the period "." button.
I have always had to type in those .com .net and the likes, every time I need to, one day a friend saw me doing my thing, and was like "Josh, you really do this every time? Just tap down the period "." button and save yourself the stress". I've been thankful ever since.

8. Have you had to take numerous picture while moving to find out that just a little is good, others blurry? This is for you, simply lock the focus and expose of the camera by pressing and holding your finger to the screen obviously, until the yellow square appears and blinks twice. A yellow icon will appear together with "AE/AF Lock" at the bottom of the screen assuring that the camera has its "Exposure and Focus" locked.

You've joined me through this journey so far, let's get off the bus here, but still surf on, thanks for your time guys, peace out.

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