Best Video Editing Tools for Windows and Mobile Phones

Did you just shoot a video and want to make it better with an easy to use video editing app on your mobile phone or Windows PC? Thanks to the evolved technology, it is now possible to do the video editing job which once could only be done by the experts. Our computers have advanced and our smartphones now can do so much more than we could have imagined a decade ago. If you are looking for some really cool video editing apps for your Windows and Mobile, take a look at our recommendations below. These apps can be used to create some really awesome quality videos.
Best Video Editing tools for windows and Mobile


It is impossible to not talk about iMovie when we are talking about the video editing apps. We know that anything that is designed or developed by Apple becomes a rage. This is because they are known to design some really incredible applications and iMovie is one of them. Since iMovie is an in-house product of Apple, it is only available on the iOS and OSX devices. It comes packed with a lot of great video editing features. It also has a very nice interface that lets you easily edit the videos without any pre-training. Cropping, trimming, clipping, adding filters, and adding audio are some of the jobs you can do very easily with iMovie. But, you’ll be disappointed here, if looking for iMovie for PC or Android.

Kinemaster for video editing


Looking for a video editor for your Android smartphone? You should definitely try KineMaster. This app has got a really stylish interface. But the style doesn’t compromise with utility. It has all basic features as well as some advanced features too. KineMaster is easier to use than most of the other video editing apps. Therefore, it is a great tool for the casual video editors.


Virtual Dub isn’t exactly a very well known video editing application. However, this does not make it any less. In fact, it is an extremely powerful and advanced video editing app for the Windows users. There are lots of great features this app comes packed with. You can easily split the video, compress it, and do a lot of other things. You can also add the audio too. It also has many filters of its own. However, you can also download free filters.
Voilabit for video editing


This is another awesome video editing application designed to be used on the Windows operating system. A lot of people are already using this application and it is becoming extremely popular. Voilabits is somewhat a semi-professional grade video editor. It has many advanced feature for professional video editing projects. But it also has all the basic features which are indeed quite easy to use. Thus, even the laypeople can use it easily and create beautiful videos.

Wevideo for editing video


Video editing is a task that requires powerful computing in the background. This is why video editing on your PC is faster as compared to your phone. But WeVideo is different from the rest. Instead of video editing in your phone you do it in the cloud. The only challenge is that you need to upload the video first.

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