How to Get The New Airtel 5GB For Free

Airtel release a new 5GB offer for the Huawei E35311-2 Modem and Android users can also enjoy this new 5GB offer by tweaking your Android phone IMEI to the Huawei imei. 
In this post I will show you how to tweak your Android phone also how to get the new Airtel 5GB.

Airtel 5GB
Firstly you need to know what is called tweaking of Android device, for those who don't have idea, tweaking means replacing the unique 15 digits number assign to your mobile device to another custom 15 digits number.

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There are couple of methods available to tweak your Android device but the most common and easy way is through an app called MobileUncle Tool, download MobileUncle Here

Now that you have gotten the needed tool to tweak your Android device, let's move forward to how to get the New Airtel 5GB.


After Installing the MobileUncle Tool launch the app. 

You will see a lot of functions the app performs but we are not concerned with all that, what you need to click is the Engineering Mode, after that click on Engineering Mode (MTK), swipe your phone screen to the left, click on CDS Information, after that click on Radio Inormation, select Sim 1 if your phone is dual sim.

Then you will see this text AT+, click on it and press any alphabet from your keyboard, delete that same alphabet you included then some text will pop up, select the one written like this AT+ EGMR=1,7,"".

Now in between those quote "" that is exactly where you will insert the Huawei imei number.
Tweaking Android imei
Tweak any of this imei numbers
  • 861143032309654
  • 861143032390649
  • 861143032391432
  • 861143032390567
  • 861143032365398
To get an unused imei change from the last 5 digit, then insert the imei number in between the quote.

Click SEND AT COMMAND, a notification will show "AT command is mSent", switch your Android phone to airplane mode, turn airplane mode off again.

Dial *#606# to confirm if the imei has been successfully changed. 

Now to get the Airtel 5GB, goto your message send Join to 141 wait for some seconds to get a reply.

Note: A lot of people are tweaking this imei right now, which make it quite difficult to get the 5GB. Keep changing the imei number from the last 5 digit till you get your own 5GB. 

Download imei analyzer to generate a precise imei number IMEI ANALYZER.

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  1. Waow,I can't believe I just got the 5gig data,thanks a lot to damtops,I pray you attain all your desires,so happy

  2. It didn't work..wen I dial *#606# I got invalid code

    1. Hi ofortube,

      *#06# is to confirm if the imei has successfully changed.

      After tweaking the imei successfully send Join to 141 to get the 5GB

      You can also download imei analyzer to get a precise imei number

  3. I'm commenting now because a lot of people have enjoyed this Airtel 5GB offer, so it's somehow hard to get now, but you can still try your luck.