How to Use MacBook Interface on Android Phone

The flexibility of Android OS can't be underestimated when compared to other mobile operating system, the possibility to enjoy Windows, iOS and MacBook interface on Android devices is a confirmed reality.
While making some research I came across this awesome app Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow), this app is capable of changing your Android phone into a MacBook Desktop Interface.
Use desktop on Android
When I installed the Lenna luncher on my Android Phone, I felt like I need to share this experience with you guys, it's indeed awesome.

The Leena multi-window Launcher brings the desktop operating system experience to your android device by extending Android with a native desktop user interface.
Leena app homepage
The Leena app does not require rooting, no hacks is just an android app that seamlessly integrates into Android ecosystem and allows to use Android as a full desktop operating system.


  • An inbuilt file manager app
  • A default webbrowser app
  • A native launcher app
  • A default video player app via file manager
  • A default image viewer app via file manager
Watch Leena Desktop UI in display 

Download Leena Desktop UI directly from playstore.
Leena desktop settings on Android
After installing, If you like to apply some changes in the app tap on the top right corner and you are good to go. Enjoy the experience.

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