Swype vs Swiftkey vs Fleksy: Comparison of the Keyboard Apps

The basic way to contact your friends with a smartphone is your keyboard. Every word you type, every search you do or every message you send - all depends on that keyboard consisting of few characters and 26 letters to be precise.
Sometimes you feel frustrated with typing on your smartphone and desperately want something that actually makes your fingers fly on the screen. Well the good news is, the digital market does offer you an opportunity to experience flawless typing through a handful Keyboard applications.

Now the question is about which one is the best, that is still left to determine. So today we will discuss three amazing Keyboard applications. We’ll let you know which one is the best for you.


SwiftKey has Artificial intelligence as its Unique Selling point. With SwiftKey users don’t need to see the keyboard after a few days of usage as the KeyBoard will predict your next word and let you type with ease and speed. Practically SwiftKey somehow manages to decipher what you exactly want to say.
Its auto correct algorithm is not the only USP of SwiftKey, customers get different themes for their everyday entertainment. Gesture based typing is one support to SwiftKey that differentiate it from other keyboard applications. Its next word prediction is uncannily accurate for most of the users.

After few days of use SwiftKey will enable Emoji prediction as well. SwiftKey downsides as just its cosmetic issues for example, its theme choice. You can find unlimited themes for your keyboard but nothing stands individually. Users don’t find them attractive when applied to the keyboard. Other than that SwiftKey has no space for disappointment.


  • Learn from you: Yes 
  • Next word prediction: Yes 
  • Updated dictionary: Yes 
  • Bilingual: Yes 
  • Coolest features: More or less yes 
  • Price for pro version: Yes 
  • Themes: Not quite enticing 
  • Gesture typing: Yes


Fleksy is yet another Keyboard Application that has the best auto correct algorithm. It doesn’t support gesture typing but still it takes advantage of gesture input by recognizing your most used words on the keyboard. Best thing about Fleksy is its GIFs and Emoji support.
The only caveat you’ll face with Fleksy is non availability of Gesture based Keyboard. Otherwise, Fleksy is one of my favorite keyboard application till now. It provides you with excellent themes, updated dictionary, auto correct algorithm, GIF integration and much more.


  • Learn for you: Yes 
  • Updated Dictionary: Yes 
  • Themes: Yes Bilingual: Yes 
  • Coolest Features: Yes 
  • Emojis: Yes GIF Support: Yes 
  • Gesture Typing: No 
  • Next Word Prediction: No


Swype being the pioneer app is the most difficult to beat. It is the original brain behind the entire process of typing simpler and easier. Swype has its strength in gesture based typing and of course one of the best in it. Beyond just typing swype gives you best typing speed, themes, strong autocorrect and word prediction.
It living Languages features keep your dictionary up to date for future references. The keyBoard learns from your typing and gives you quite accurate predictions as well. The only Drawback with Swype its gesture writing. You won’t find its gesture writing impressive or rather smooth as compared to other applications.


  • Learn from you: Yes 
  • Bilingual: Yes 
  • Dictionary sync: Yes 
  • Themes: Yes 
  • GIF support: No 
  • Coolest features: Approximately 
  • Price for pro version: Yes 
  • Next word prediction: Yes 
  • Emojis: Yes


According to the search we find SwiftKey the best keyboard application for most of the users. It is quite satisfying with its raw typing, next word prediction, Dictionary sync, Gesture typing and much more. Though it lacks in impressive themes but I am sure that can be adjustable. Do let us know your opinion on the best suited KeyBoard for you by writing your comments below. Thank You!

Author’s Bio - Swati Sharma is a tech blogger and part-time writer at various tech establishments. She blogs at bloomtimes.com and in her free time, she likes to play golf.

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