Why and How to Use Tinder without Facebook – Tips & Tricks

Internet has become an inseparable part of our life. Social media is the second world that we live in now. When there is so much we can do online, we can also find a date using an app. That’s exactly what Tinder app is for. In fact, Tinder is the most widely used dating app of the world. A lot of people have successfully found companions, matches and friends through this app.

If you are cooped up in your house (maybe because you only work from home) and you wish to establish some connection with an individual, Tinder is the go to app for today. But, there is a challenge; it uses your Facebook account to sign up and login.

Looking to use Tinder without Facebook, here are some tips and tricks.
Tinder without facebook

Why Tinder without Facebook? 

First of all, let’s clear the air around as to why you may want to use Tinder without Facebook. Privacy is the word you may be looking for. When you are using any app that uses Facebook to login, you are allowing the app to access your personal information. If you have privacy concerns you would not want that to happen.

However, if truth be told, there are hundreds of reliable apps that use Facebook information everyday and they cause you no harm. Tinder is a trustworthy application. Millions of people have confidently shared their Facebook details and it not a single privacy breach incident has been reported. So, there is nothing much for you to worry about here.

There is another thing too, though, that might want you not to link Facebook with Tinder. After all, it is a dating app and people want to keep their personal life private. A lot of people do not want their friends or family to know that they are using an ‘app’ to find a date or friend. This may not go down very well in their society.

Again, you really have no reason to be concerned about. Even though Tinder uses your Facebook account, it does not post anything on your behalf. The privacy settings, by default, are ‘Only Me’. You can go to Facebook Settings and check this in the ‘Apps’ section.
Why tinder with facebook

How to use Tinder without Facebook

Alright, let’s get it very clear. There is absolutely no way you can use Tinder without a Facebook account, not yet. So, what do you do? Thankfully, there is a workaround.

Tinder only needs a Facebook account to sign you up; it does not verify whether the account is authentic or not. In fact, there are no such criteria set by Facebook to identify an account as genuine unless there is some spammy, suspicious activity.

So, what you can do is create another account on FB in your name and use your own pictures. You can use this account to login to Tinder. So, you don’t have to use your original FB account to login.

But, there is one more thing to remember: If you are using your original account for Tinder, none of your FB friends using Tinder will see you in the app. On the other hand, if you are using another account, they might stumble on your Tinder profile.

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