Hot! Airtel New Unlimited Browsing And Downloading For Both Android and PC

It's being a while I made any post related to browsing tweak, as we all know the lingering recession has affected virtually all areas, the situation also made browsing tweaks scarce for all FBTs.
Airtel unlimited browsing

No matter the situation we must get a way to live through it, so I want you all to enjoy this new Airtel unlimited browsing and downloading before it's blocked. Without much ado, follow the steps below to get started.

How To Enjoy The New Airtel Unlimited Browsing 


  • Airtel SIM with zero data and airtime
  • Psiphon VPN, download here 

After installing Psiphon 108, launch it and configure it as shown below:

  • Proxy Type: No Proxy 
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: Default 
  • Real Proxy Port: 80


Click "Options", then click "More Option".
Tick "Connect Through an HTTP Proxy" and tick "Use The Following Settings"

  • Host Address:
  • Port: 8080


Go back and turn on your data connection, it connects fast.

Note: You need a strong 3G Network to make it connect, and you can also keep selecting the country that will best serve you, because mine is Netherland.

This a screenshot of my downloading rate, it's really fast when downloading with UC Mini, download UC Mini here, it's also very fast downloading through ADM downloader.

How To Use Adm Downloader

It's very simple just copy the file download link and paste it into Adm search box and click yes.

That's all enjoy jet speed.

How To Use Airtel Free Browsing On PC

It has come to my notice that many users of this recently cracked airtel cheat have been asking for the setting on how to use it on PC.

But the good news is that I was able to get the settings running on PC. Now this is the settings on how to configure your airtel unlimited free browsing with your PC


  • A modem
  • Airtel sim with no data/airtime
  • Psiphon software for your PC and if you don’t have you can quickly get it here

After installing Psiphon 3, launch it and configure it as shown below:

Click on settings and locate the ‘Upstream proxy’

After that use the following configuration for your upstream proxy
Port: 8080

After that look for ‘psiphon region server’ and choose ‘singapore’ as your region server.Apply these changes and then connect your modem and your psiphon, wait for some second for it tto connect and start browsing unlimitdly on your pc.
Airtel free browsing psiphon settings PC damtops

You should also configure your IDM[internet download manager] to be able to download file with it using your PC Psiphon software

Open your internet download manager

Click on ‘options’ at the top and then look for ‘proxy/socks’ and then use the following setting to configure your IDM
Proxy address:
Port: 8080

Now click on save and then start browsing for free of charge using your PC.


I don't want to hear it's not working because I have used more than 5GB this morning, just make sure you follow the above steps. You can also let me know how you feel about it in the comment section.

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