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How to Start Facebook Live Video and Tips to Grow Your Viewers

Facebook Live video streaming is a fun, engaging way to connect with your followers and grow your audience. Recently I made a post on how to enjoy facebook live audio which was really an intriguing experience, today I will show you how to engage a facebook live video on your smartphone and tips to grow your live audience.

How Do I Go Live on Facebook? 
To go Live using Facebook for iOS:1. Tap at the top of your News Feed or Page
2. Tap 📹Live
3. Write an optional description for your broadcast
4. Tap Go Live to begin your broadcast
5. Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast

To go Live using Facebook for Android:1. Tap📹 Live at the top of your News Feed or Page
2. Write an optional description for your broadcast
3. Tap Go Live to begin your broadcast
4. Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast.

Once you begin streaming, an alert will be sent to your Facebook friends, notifying them of your stream. The top half of your screen wi…

How to Swiftly Convert PDF to Various Office Formats

The frequently used software in both business and education, Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint are pretty much indispensable for a vast number of operations that can be performed on a computer. Because of their decades-long tradition, it is more than unnecessary to specify their characteristics, but instead we will focus on a precise problem that arises whilst using them.

In the process of sharing these files between differing devices and computers that have contrasting operating systems, severe problems can occur because each of these devices/computers have their own unique way of deciphering the data that is inside every file, thus making the document partially, or entirely unviewable. This of course doesn’t happen if the computers have identical OS, but there is a large possibility that it won’t be the case, and if the file you’re sending is significantly important, you shouldn’t really take that kind of a risk.

To avoid such distress, a user should always convert …

Leak! Nokia Set to Launch Flagship Smartphone with 6GB Ram and 256 Rom

Do you remember Nokia P1 that once caught our attention sometimes ago? Well, it appears its about to debut at MWC2017 in Barcelonia according to rumor published on a Russian Publication Worket.

The new Nokia flagship smartphone based on Android will become a model called P1 - is a gadget that is based on the device Sharp Aquos Xx3

Known specifications the P1 Nokia:
5,3 "IGZO display with a refresh rate of 1 to 120 Hz, Glass Gorilla Glass 5 ;The Snapdragon Qualcomm's 835;6 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB ROM drive;22.6 megapixel camera, identical to that of Sharp Aquos Xx3, but the ZEISS optics certified a Carl;Battery 3500 mAh with the Quick Charge;Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the right smartphone end;All device run Android 7 Nougat
the HMD of Global plans to sell the smartphone in two versions: in a ceramic package is available for flagship 256GB variation and glass enclosure with a metal frame buyer will get 128 GB of ROM.

Both versions will receive the protection of standards …

5 Effective Ways to Fix Overheating on Your Smartphone

All devices that stores energy must at a time overheat, smartphones are not eluded from this reaction. Overheating is common to smartphones either when charging, using or left in a recess mode. One of the most annoying aspects is for your device to be unusually hot without any usage hence draining your battery.

Today, we’ll talk about how to handle overheating on your smartphone.

1. Too Many processes (Apps) running at same time – When too many Apps are running on your device background, it will definitely cause it to heat up. In this case, you can download Clean master app; Clean master can remove junk files as well as free up ram by closing unused applications to cool down your smartphone.

Otherwise download Greenify if your smartphone is rooted. Greenify is a great tool to manage overheating as well as improve battery life. It can close Facebook and whatsApp which tend to use lot of Ram and at times keep the processor busy with useless work.

2. Only Enabled /WIFI / 3G/ 4G when required…

How To Completely Control Your Android Device with Just Your Head

Recently I made a post on some of the awesomeness of Android smartphone using an Android device has microphone, today I will show you another amazing function you can perform with your darling device.

Have you ever wonder controlling your android device with your facial actions? If not, here I will show you an app that will do just that and how to use the full potentials, ride along.

EVA FACIAL MOUSE is an application developed and promoted by CREA with the support of Spanish Vodafone Foundation.

EVA FACIAL MOUSE is a free and open source application that allows the access to functions of a mobile device by means of tracking the user face captured through the frontal camera. Based on the movement of the face, the app allows the user to control a pointer on the screen (i.e., like a mouse),which provides direct access to most elements of the user interface.

People with amputations, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS…

Asus Unveils Zenfone AR, The first Smartphone With 8GB Ram... and lots more

Today at CES (The largest tech show on earth 2017) Asus announced two new smartphones, both of which have been in the rumors quite a lot lately. We're talking about the Zenfone AR and Zenfone 3 Zoom.

Asus Zenfone AR is a phone that is trying to drag us into the future, it is the first smartphone capable of both VR and AR, it's also only the second-ever Tango-compatible Android handset. It has a large camera module that looks like something from Nokia's now-gone Lumia smartphone series.

The Asus Zenfone AR is a sleek, 5.7" device with all the regular features of your modern-day smartphone: a high-res Quad HD display, a fingerprint scanner, and it's powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 chipset aided by a whopping 8GB of RAM - This makes the Zenfone AR one of the first phones with 8 gigs of RAM on board, but it is really the augmented reality that is the king here.

The main snapper is a 23 MP unit using Sony's IMX318 sensor, with OIS, EIS, and 4K video record…

HTC One X10 leaked with specs and availability information

HTC will out a new smartphone by the end of the month, according to the almost always reliable Evan Blass (a.k.a @evleaks) and he is letting us know that HTC would release a new device at the end of this month. They would love to call this unit the HTC One X10, poised to be the successor to the HTC One X9 from last year.

We have truly been expecting this unit for a while as it had been certified in Russia. We also got to know via a rumour that asides from the 5.5 inches of screen the unit would be powered by MediaTek Helio P10 chipset.
Going further deep, we get to see 3GB of RAM and a rear camera sensor of 13MP rating.
Going by the leaked list that started to make internet rounds today, most of the specs have really panned out. However, the previous rumours were wrong in a few places. For example, the camera in the back would be a 16.3MP sensor instead and the selfie camera stands at 7.9MP. Looking at the spec sheet of the old One X9 and comparing to this newbie, the only improvements …

How To Sucessfully Root Your LG V20

The V20 is amazing phone from LG powered by Android OS, V7.0 (Nougat). Packing impressive features such as a removable battery, expandable storage, and the latest Android version straight out of the box, the V20 is a tough phone to beat, know more about LG V20.

There is one thing that would make the phone even better—root privileges and Superuser status. It's the only way to take full advantage of the other features like the Quad 32-bit DAC, while getting rid of bloatware at the same time! We will have to wipe the LG V20 storage in order to successfully root it, so be sure to back up your phone before proceeding.

US open market LG V20 model US996, with an unlocked bootloaderWindows, Mac, or Linux computer USB data cable

Step 1
Install ADB & FastbootInstalling ADB and Fastboot is a crucial step when it comes to rooting your LG V20. We'll be using ADB to reboot into bootloader mode, then Fastboot to flash a custom TWRP image.

Step 2
Activate Developer Options & …