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How to Keep Porn Away from Your Kids with This Root Content Blocker for Android

The internet's an amazing place. The entirety of human knowledge is now accessible in an instant, and all sorts of media can be streamed directly to the palm of your hand. But, of course, that also includes the darker side of humanity, so there's plenty of NSFW content floating around out there that's certainly not suitable for children.

Porn and other risqué media is now more prevalent than ever, so as much as your kids can benefit from having access to a smartphone or tablet, you still have to be vigilant and keep an eye on their internet usage. Even a seemingly innocuous site can have some seriously indecent pop-up ads, so it's a hard thing to really keep track of.

Thankfully, developer Mahadi Xion has an app that should help quite a bit. It's a ported version of the popular content blocker AdAway, but customized to specifically block porn sites and popups instead of ads. Fair warning, though: You will need to root the phone to pull this one off, but if you can s…

How To Remove Gmail Account Connected to An Android Phone

I operate multiple Gmail accounts which I always like to get inbox notifications just as I receive SMS or Whatsapp messages, the only means I can get my Gmail notifications is through the in-built Gmail app on my Android Phone, which works pretty cool.

It came to a time I wanted to remove one or two Gmail accounts attached to my android device, which requires some easy steps, but if you don't know these steps it may seem difficult to remove. So, I will show you the easy steps to remove Gmail accounts attached to your Android phone.

There are two methods for you to remove account. One is to reset your phone and the other is to delete your account. The former will clear all your files in the internal storage, and is not highly recommended if you just want to delete Gmail on Android. Here, we will mainly focus on the latter one.

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The steps to remove gmail on Android OS Jelly Bean and KitKat is q…

Discover 60 Legitimate Ideas to Make Money Online in 2017

People are always skeptical when it comes to making money online, because the believe around making money online has been attached to “make money at the comfort of your home” which makes many believe online job is an easy task that when one lay hands on the next thing is to start raking dollars, Capital “NO”.  (NOTHING COMES EASY).

Most people, try some online jobs for a couple months they back out thinking its waste of time. Though it might be true, but in the long-run, all will be okay most especially when you understand the ethics of the online job you venture into.

All legitimate online jobs require time and intellects in addition money, but the most important is “Time”, you need to spend ample time before you can start earning online and the time spent by various individuals before they started earning online differ depending on how one can make personal research for knowledge.

Online job is like every other physical work around because you will also need to build and promote your b…

Pictorial Description of 25 Technological Abbreviations and their Meaning

Most of us have been using some common technological abbreviations or acronyms on the internet and in our daily conversations without knowing the details or meaning of these terms, though many don't care to search for the meaning.

I was surfing the net, then I came across this wonderful post on Instagram@didyouknowpage, this guy pictorialize some technological abbreviations, so I decided to ask for permission to share on this blog.

Here is a list of some commonly used technological abbreviations and their meaning.

How To Find People's Phone Number By Using Their Name

Back then searching for phone numbers of people living near you or far away from you could only be achieved if you buy a telephone directory which cost $4 to $5. Though, still some people use this old method. But, don’t worry! That’s not the only way to perform such an easy task. You can search for unknown numbers just with your mobile on your fingertips.

How To Find Phone Numbers By Name

There are several ways to find phone numbers by name and today I would be writing on most of them. I know, many of us try to save money whenever we get such opportunity, and you don’t need to spend a single penny to grab those significant unknown numbers. Many online startups are providing this kind of services for free of cost, not only online startups, but there are many Android & iOS applications which can find out numbers for you. So, let’s start discussing them.

I will tell you how to use those services and mobile applications available on the web.

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Update! How to Activate Two-Step Verification on Your Whatsapp for Security.

The vulnerability of Whatsapp account is mostly done when perpetrators have access to a SIM card, as Whatsapp only need phone number for verification. In the recent update Whatsapp has included Two-Step Verification to boost security level so that third party won't have easy access to hack Whatsapp accounts.

The Two-Step Verification has being available for the beta version for quite a while but just rolled out to normal Whatsapp. WhatsApp just became a safer chat platform with the roll out of the two-factor authentication to 1 billion users.

Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your account. When you have two-step verification enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by the six-digit passcode that you created using this feature.

How Can I Enable Two Step Verification on WhatsApp?
1. Firstly make sure your whatsapp is up-to-date, if you're not sure go to Google Playstore to confirm if your whatsapp is upd…