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How to Operate Multiple Acount For All Applications and Games on Android Phone

Do you have two accounts for Messaging, tired to log in and out to receive different message? Do you have multi game accounts, want them all online to get double experience? Do you have double social accounts for work and personal life,wish them to parallel? If your answer to these questions is Yes, you're lucky to see this article.

Interestingly, there is a way you can operate your multiple account with easy tabs on your Android smartphone. Here I will discuss an easy to use procedure that allows Android users to enjoy multiple accounts on their smartphone.

What does it mean to operate Multiple account?
Actually, most people like to be anonymous on the internet to secure their personal identity, by doing so, most people prefer to have a public contact and a private contact.

Assuming you want a public contact for your businesses, a public phone number, Facebook account, messenger, whatsapp, instagram and other network people can use in contacting you, also you want a private social me…

List of Infinix Smartphones That Will Receive The Version 7.0 Nougat Update

As technology is advancing so also our dear smartphone is advancing both in software and hardware just to meet up with major high-end performances. This has led to the release of the current version 7.0 Nougat operating system to enhance the Android phone capability.

Some Android brands are already receiving the new version 7.0 update, which I know a lot of Infinix smartphone users are anticipating when and if their smartphone will be receiving the version 7.0 nougat.

I have gotten an official update on when and which Infinix smartphone will be receiving the 7.0 nougat between April – July 2017… Actually Note 3 and Zero 4 have already received beta upgrade some couples of weeks back and this is now official.

These are lists of Infinix Devices that will be receiving Android 7.0 Nougat
Zero 4 From M to N : End of April

Note3 From M to N : End of April

Zero 4 Plus
Beta 1: 25th Of May
Beta 2: 15th Of June
GM : 15th Of July

Hot S
TBD updating soon

Hot4 pro
Beta 1: 30th Of April
Beta 2…

Important: Luno Naira Deposits and Withdrawals Currently Disabled

As you may be aware, Luno has been unable to process Naira withdrawals since Friday, 31 March.

These are what Luno has to say admist the issue of Nigerians operating their service unable to withdraw cash from their account.

"The reason is that our bank account at Stanbic IBTC, which contains the vast majority of customer funds, has been frozen due to an unforeseen third party issue beyond their control.

All customer funds are safe and accounted for in the account. Right now we are unable to make any payments out of the account until it is unfrozen. For the time being, we ask you to refrain from funding your account with Naira."

Naira deposits and withdrawals are currently disabled. All other services, such as buying, selling, trading, sending and receiving Bitcoin remain unaffected.

If you have a pending withdrawal that you’d like to cancel, you can do so by opening the “transactions” screen, tapping on the withdrawal and then pressing the “cancel”…