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How to Spot Fake Infinix Hot 4

It has been said several times that when you want to buy any infinix smartphone, it is important you buy the original instead of falling victim for the fake. I read the pathetic story of a lady shared on FB whose Infinix Hot 4 exploded right inside her pocket while performing her domestic duties.

From the look of the picture, she obviously bought a fake infinix smartphone.

Here are simple guide on how to identify a fake infinix Hot 4 from the Original Hot 4 Smartphone
1. Original: the front camera is located on the top left while the Fake: The front camera is located on the top right.

2. Original: The charging port is at the bottom left while the Fake: The charging port in the centre at the top

3. Original: Lock screen mode icons
Call key on the bottom left
Camera button at the bottom right
Fake: Lock screen mode icons
Call key on the bottom left
Camera button at the bottom right
Fingerprint icon at the middle bottom

4. Camera mode:
-Gallery icon is on the left
-Shutter is in the middle
-Video …

How to Solve The Issue Of Phone Not Charging Fast

I could remember when I got my phone newly it takes less than an hour for the battery to show green(full), but as time goes by the duration for full charging kept on increasing, as a tech savvy I decided to find solution to this problem of my phone not charging fast again, which I will share with you today.

As the saying goes nothing last forever, this is also applicable to our desirable gadgets. One thing clear is that usage causes wear and tear of device and cells that stores energy(battery) also experience this far more than any other parts of the mobile phone. 
So, today what are the possible ways we can enjoy the days of fast charging again on our smartphones.
Here I will share 5 different ways you can effectively make your smartphone charge faster.
1. Replace Charging Cable: Do you know your charging cable also wear and tear? Also do you know the shorter the cable length the faster it powers your smartphone? I guess you said yes, OK. The default charger after sometime will reduce po…

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