Jamz.ng for Nigerian artists, bloggers, and producers

Jamz.ng is the best Nigerian music download site launched this morning. Jamz was designed to give both upcoming Nigerian musicians and trending Nigerian musicians the same right to promote and put their music online. Here money is not a barrier.

Jamz.ng understands how harsh Nigerian economy is and is also giving upcoming Nigerian a musicians a free chance to become celebrity. Musicians can be contacted by anybody who likes their music and will want contract them.

Across all the music studio in Nigeria, music is being produced every day. Jamz.ng gives studio owners the opportunity to make more money by telling their customers that they will upload their song online after production.

Jamz.ng is also beneficial to bloggers because they can now bill their clients extra fee to upload their son in an additional site. Not just that, they can upload their tagged music on jamz.ng and tap into jamz.ng traffic. If they also get popular on jamz.ng their profile will be frequently visited and they will get more traffic

The process of uploading a music on jamz.ng

  1. First upload your music in cloudup.com or zippyshare.com or dopefille.pk
  2. Then copy the download link
  3. Sign up or log in to jamz.ng
  4. Click under the menu click submit a music
  5. Enter the title of your music and its
  6. contents paste/put the download link, Choose the category and submit

At Jamz.ng we work day and night our live chat agent are online 24hrs every day except weekends to ensure that you get the best of jamz.ng. We don’t allow direct music upload on our site to ensure top level security therefore, we recommend the use of file hosting site like cloudup.cpm. We accept suggestion that will make Jamz.ng. Let’s join hands and make jamz.ng a profitable site for us. Jamz.ng is designed to benefit you. The best way to get the best out of Jamz.ng is to give it a test drive. So go ahead and sign up on jamz.ng I am waiting to see you there

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