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The Apple Brand Ecosystem Explained

Have you ever asked somebody why they use an iPhone? I guess their reply would be "it's hard to break away from the apple ecosystem" what then comes to my mind is what is it about this Apple brand ecosystem you'll talking about? 

There are tales all over the internet about this ecosystem in tech reviews and all kinds of iPhone videos probably every home pod video on the internet has that word or that phrase in it somewhere and even regular everyday conversations.

if you ask somebody why they use an iPhone it more or less comes down to the same answer sometimes it is just because it's the best all-around phone and they believe the hardware is superior that's sometimes but really often like really often the answer has something to do with the ecosystem.

More Lights on the Apple Ecosystem
Ecosystem a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment so in tech you know an ecosystem is just a community of interacting objects so Apple makes …

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Worth the Hype?

New phone flagship from Samsung the market leaders, it’s S9 and S9 Plus with dual lens set up, the S9 and S9 plus comes in three different colors titanium gray, Lavender colour midnight black and coral blue, I personally like the titanium gray fingerprint shows a little less on the phone unlike black colour.

At this point you probably saw couple videos on this S9 Plus, obviously the S9 Plus is a bit of iteration on the last one, there’s no overhaul happening here, anyway that’s ok though.

Visible Difference between Samsung S8 and S9I used the S8 for a very long time it’s a comfortable hold it’s a nice little size, well here’s the thing in the meantime in the past year or so the competition in this marketplace it’s kind of changed to compel you to spend your extra cash no price increase here, in fact depending on how you purchase the device and which carrier you purchase the device from you might actually see a price reduction, I take that as a response to what’s happening in the market …