Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Worth the Hype?

New phone flagship from Samsung the market leaders, it’s S9 and S9 Plus with dual lens set up, the S9 and S9 plus comes in three different colors titanium gray, Lavender colour midnight black and coral blue, I personally like the titanium gray fingerprint shows a little less on the phone unlike black colour.
samsung s9 and s9 plus

At this point you probably saw couple videos on this S9 Plus, obviously the S9 Plus is a bit of iteration on the last one, there’s no overhaul happening here, anyway that’s ok though.

Visible Difference between Samsung S8 and S9

I used the S8 for a very long time it’s a comfortable hold it’s a nice little size, well here’s the thing in the meantime in the past year or so the competition in this marketplace it’s kind of changed to compel you to spend your extra cash no price increase here, in fact depending on how you purchase the device and which carrier you purchase the device from you might actually see a price reduction, I take that as a response to what’s happening in the market place and the quality you can get at lower price point.

 A couple things that I like about this device the movement of the fingerprint sensor underneath the camera lens, it’s something I complained about on the Samsung S8, what ends up happening you end up putting your finger in many cases on the camera lens and smudging it up sometimes manufacturers listen to the complain, you can see the evidence right on the S9.
s9 fingerprint

Other than this difference you would be hard-pressed place S8 beside S9, from the front view they are very similar in appearance now that could be a good thing that could be a bad thing.
s9 and s8 frontview

s9 and s8 backview

From the back view the movement of the fingerprint got better spot on the S9, easier to reach. The speaker grille which looks different now the single channel opening there on the old one the grille looked a bit different the reason for this is an improvement in the audio performance of the speaker, so Samsung requires Harman Kardon and improve in audio performance from the speaker unit firing audio from same location as well on the bottom.

All the rest of the stuffs you love are at the top headphone jack, USB type-C and the SIM tray with expandable SD card storage.


Display OLED very pleasing to the eye is curved edge, I’m still a little bit undecided on whether or not I’m completely sold on that idea because when you are watching content you lose a little bit of it right it wraps around the edge which looks cool but do you enjoy content more or is just a novelty factor I’m not a 100% decisive on that recently have been using pixel to excel a lot now.
s9 and pixel 2xl


Camera on the S9 Plus for the first time ever has a variable aperture F 1.5 or F 2.4,I think for most of you this comes into play just in low-light situations, if you need more light it’ll trigger the larger aperture the portrait mode as well, I think this one it stacks up kind of nicely as of right now against the pixel 2XL, so it also got this super slo-mo mode that can shoot up to 960 frames per second so you tap the record button to start a recording and the slow motion starts when something moves within the square, 960 FPS is pretty wild 720P it’s a nice little gimmick you put that on social media like what are you doing how did you do it looks cool.

The S9 speaker if you try to cover up the audio on the bottom I’m still getting it through the earpiece at the top, the S9 does sound better than the S8, it is little more fold and pleasing.

The S9 options in video mode its unbelievable UHD 60 fps up to 4000 fps.

Do this devices do they justify the cost? I think the S9 has a real chance to be a major player in something that I could really recommend but right now I’m skeptical.

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