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OnePlus 5T Unboxing + 5 Things Before Buying!

This is the OnePlus 5T, alongside the OnePlus 5T, you get a Dash Charge USB-C cable, the power brick, quick-start guide, sync tool, and if you flip that quick-start guide, you get a not-that-great of a case, but it's still cool that they included it. So today, I want to break this down into five things to know before you potentially go out there and buy a OnePlus 5T, unless you're a OnePlus 5 owner, then you're probably a little upset. I'm sorry.

With that said, though, the first thing I want to talk about is pricing. Now, there were rumors that the OnePlus 5T could cost upwards of nearly 700 dollars. And if that upsets you, take a deep breath. You'll be happy to hear the OnePlus 5T starts at a 499. That'll get you 64 gigs of storage with six gigabytes of ram, or alternatively, you can double your storage and bump that RAM up all the way to eight gigabytes for 559.

Now, I've seen argumentatively, you can pick up an unlocked Galaxy S8 in the 500-dollar-range o…

Apple iPhone X Review: The Best Yet!

This is iphone 10 and it's my favorite iphone ever by far and there's no doubt that in the history of iphones this thing is iconic, it's more modern, it finally feels like a new iphone that's a big part of why I like it so much, but that's also the source for a few sore spots, there's a learning curve to this phone unlike any other iPhone.

Every other iPhone ever has just been home button, rectangle screen, rounded corners, pretty much the same thing, you know what you're getting yourself into, you know exactly how to use it and if there's going to be one big new feature every year it takes you two seconds to learn it and you're good, iPhone 10 is different with this phone there's maybe three or four big fundamental changes to the way you use the phone.

It's very clearly still an iPhone you still mostly know how to use it, but there's a couple things that are different that you'll have to get used to, so on the outside is the shape we&…

How To Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone 10

I got an email recently with a bizarre suggestion and a link to apps that let you turn your android phone into iPhone 10. Why would someone want to that? Obviously your android phone will not magically turn into iPhone 10, but what this guy did is an iPhone 10 launcher for Android.

One of the great things about Android device is that you can do some pretty weird stuff out of the box, you can install any launcher that you want and there’s plenty of good ones and weird ones.

Maybe there’s a little bit of practicality for individuals coming from iOS super familiar with the iPhone 10 gestures and want to switch over, truthfully I think this idea is more of novelty.

Nonetheless, I have been asked to check it out, so I went ahead and do so.

There are bunch of this apps on the Google playstore, I never imagine this eco system even existed anyhow, I selected the first one in the search result, Phone X launcher this particularly one already has over a million download.

Phone X launcher turns androi…