OnePlus 5T Unboxing + 5 Things Before Buying!

This is the OnePlus 5T, alongside the OnePlus 5T, you get a Dash Charge USB-C cable, the power brick, quick-start guide, sync tool, and if you flip that quick-start guide, you get a not-that-great of a case, but it's still cool that they included it. So today, I want to break this down into five things to know before you potentially go out there and buy a OnePlus 5T, unless you're a OnePlus 5 owner, then you're probably a little upset. I'm sorry.
OnePlus 5T Unboxing

With that said, though, the first thing I want to talk about is pricing. Now, there were rumors that the OnePlus 5T could cost upwards of nearly 700 dollars. And if that upsets you, take a deep breath. You'll be happy to hear the OnePlus 5T starts at a 499. That'll get you 64 gigs of storage with six gigabytes of ram, or alternatively, you can double your storage and bump that RAM up all the way to eight gigabytes for 559.

Now, I've seen argumentatively, you can pick up an unlocked Galaxy S8 in the 500-dollar-range on Amazon, but to clarify, those are refurbished models. The cheapest new Galaxy S8 I've seen is about 630 bucks right now. I'm curious to hear, what sounds more enticing? A refurbished Galaxy S8 or a OnePlus 5T?

Next up is probably the biggest change of the OnePlus 5T, and that is the display. OnePlus has finally joined that 18 by 9, super-tall screen party. So it essentially is a six-inch display, 2,160 by 1,080, which may be a turnoff for some of you enthusiasts out there. Again, given the price point, I think the screen looks fantastic and if you need more resolution, you can hop up to a Galaxy S8 or even the fan-favorite, the LG V30.
OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

What's nice about this though is if you stack it up side-by-side against the OnePlus 5, the form factor really hasn't changed, you are just getting a taller display. Because of the display, though, you do lose the fingerprint reader on the bottom, but effectively is moved towards the back in a much better location than the Galaxy S8 or Note 8. Its right smack in the middle and it works really well. Now, at the event, OnePlus was not shy to take shots at Google and their Pixel 2 display issues, and for those curious about the OnePlus 5T, I have not seen any blue shift on this phone, it looks fantastic. And again, the only potential drawback for some of you out there is it's a 1080p display.

Now from there, the third thing to talk about is the camera, or dual cameras, rather. It still features a 16 and 20 megapixel sensor, just like the OnePlus 5 did, but what's kinda weird, is that secondary lens is no longer a telephoto lens. It's the same exact focal length, the same exact aperture, and from what I understand, OnePlus is claiming that the secondary lens is going to be a low-light lens, so when it knows you're in a lower-light situation, it's going to opt to use that one instead. So with that, comes a couple different things.

  • One, portrait mode will still, in fact, work. The only difference is because those are the same focal length, the image will no longer be cropped. 
  • Then, number two, when you punch in on the OnePlus 5T camera, that zoom is purely digital. 

OnePlus 5T Dual Camera Lens

Same thing here is a shot, straight out of the OnePlus 5T camera, and as we zoom in, I got to say, I don't notice too much in terms of a quality loss, but it's still kind of weird to me that they opted for no telephoto lens.

Now, this here was one of my favorite shots. On a couple notes, one, this was using that fake, digital, telephoto zoom-in. And two, this was not using portrait mode, it was just straight out of the camera.
Now from there, as far as low-light goes, I actually got a pretty amazing test, thanks to Mr. Linus Tech Tips, and the event was super dark, so here is an example of the flash from the OnePlus 5T.
Looks very nice. From there, brace yourselves, this was straight low-light, no flash or anything, you're welcome. From there, here's a quick selfie shot from the OnePlus 5T. Nothing special or magical, but still really solid. I got to say, overall first impressions with the OnePlus 5T camera are really good.

Now, from there, the fourth thing to talk about is there is now Face Unlock, love the name, now on the OnePlus 5T. From what I can tell, OnePlus is not banking on this being the primary form of security on this phone, especially because you can only use it to unlock things. As far as purchases go, you must use your fingerprint to do those. With that said, though, setup was insanely fast and I think the unlock process may be even faster. No joke, you literally pick up the phone, hold it up to your face, and you are in the phone. So is Face Unlock a game changer on the OnePlus 5T? Nope, but it is a super fast and convenient way to get into the phone and for those who still want that trusty fingerprint reader, you get the best of both worlds.

Now, the last thing I wanna talk about is the OnePlus 5T isn't that much different than the OnePlus 5. The weird part is, the OnePlus 5 was not released that long ago, so I'm sure some of you out there who just bought that phone, got to be feelin' a little left out in the dark. They did this last year with the OnePlus 3 and 3T, so it's kind of setting a track record to not buy the first iteration of the phone.

The other kind of weird part, too, is it's so late in the year. We're getting closer to the Galaxy S9, or Samsung's prolly going to call it the Galaxy S10. Either way, though, it's really late in the year. And from there, I'm curious to know what you guys think of this. Now, at the event, OnePlus kind of defended this by comparing it to a software update, in the sense that if you have the ability to upgrade hardware, why wait a year?

For me, it just kind of feels like this is what the OnePlus 5 should've been. Based off of reactions on Twitter or at the event, I think most people would tend to agree. Granted, there are some pretty solid updates to OxygenOS, which is super clean and customizable. One feature in particular that I think is really cool, are parallel apps.

So for example, maybe you have two Twitter accounts, two Instagram accounts, two Facebook accounts, you can actually have a parallel versions of these, where you're logged in at the same time and choose which one you want to launch. From there, maybe the OnePlus 5 really didn't do it for you and you held off buying that, and now, the OnePlus 5T makes way more sense.

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