Unboxing The World's Thinnest Gaming Laptop

In front of me I have a gaming laptop this gaming laptop actually claims to be the smallest, the thinnest 15 inch gaming laptop ever and it's from Razer and I think that's exciting and interesting, it is one of the downsides of gaming laptops, they tend to be bulky in order to fit in those heavy duty graphics that you're looking for then in light and gaming to this point haven't really gone together in a package that has made sense and Razer claims to have fixed that.

Here are the specification 

  • It’s the blade 15.6 inch 
  • There is the 144 Hertz gaming version of the panel of the display which is only 1080p and then there's the 4k version UHD at 60 Hertz the 4k version it's also a touchscreen if that's important to you 
  • Including the 512 gigabyte SSD gtx 1070 baked-in as well 

Very thin laptop box, the power brick is no joke that's a bit of a powerhouse and you can see that its proprietary, it has simple branding, simple product design, matte black finish it kind of looks like a tool it looks industrial I like that, you see the keyboard layout the speaker location what a perfect location for speakers why not a larger trackpad as well I noticed straight away, gtx 1070 max-q design and of course that 8th gen core i7 which is 6 cores 12 threads up to 4 point 1 gigahertz on your laptop and even though it's 15.6 inches in display size it's actually smaller than the previous version 14-inch razor blade laptop so they've packed more into less here.

We have Thunderbolt 3 USB 3 1 HDM,I a mini DisplayPort and a Kensington lock and then over on the left we have the power port 2 more USB 3 ones and an audio jack.

On the sides we have this crazy slim bezel and even the top which houses the front-facing camera is pretty slim comparative to what I've seen in the market and the trackpad very smooth texture as well as a precise response I am impressed at this point this is also a touchscreen so I could just reach up at any point and touch the display if I choose to.

Not liking the speaker's so much right now let me load up some SoundCloud I always sort of put him in like the average territory I think people are going to be more inclined to use headsets anyways, as it be arrows with the game on does these speakers sound a bit better and pub G here these speakers sound a little bit better.

Why a lot of people are gravitating towards razor in the first place they want the GPU and so on but as I said before there's different ways you can spec up this laptop to suit however you see yourself using it starting 1899 with a 1080p 60 Hertz display and then all the way up to the model that I tested here $28.99 for the 15.6 4k display and then the 144 Hertz versions in the middle, something to mention the weight of the device does change depending on your screen choice as well in the entry-level model actually the most portable it's gaming it's for gamers it can game but at the same time it sort of has the appeal that like a MacBook does for creative professionals where it's a simple design, it's not screaming at you I'm a gamer you don't just game on air that becomes your main laptop you spend a fortune on it so do you want it to only distinguish one part of you even though you do all these other things on that system it's your work laptop it's your creative laptop and it's your gaming laptop and I think Razer from a design and brand perspective has done a good job of finding that balance.

So there you have it the brand new blade I have a link in the description if you want to learn more about the specs or see the other models its power when you need it its simplicity when you don't it's kind of a do everything type of setup.

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