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Android P Public Beta First-Look Review

At Google IO 2018, the company finally announced Android P Beta and a bunch of new updates to the Google ecosystem. However, a lot of things aren't available yet, so we decided to download Android P and see what is available right now.

Download Android P From These Following Phones:
Essential PhoneNokia 7 PlusOppo R15 ProSony Xperia X72Vivo X21UDXiaomi Mi Mix2sGoogle Pixel/XLGoogke Pixel 2/XL
If you have any of the devices listed above right now, you can also download it and mess around with it. The phone that we choose was a Google Pixel 2 XL, however remember this is a beta version, it's not a finalized systems so might not be perfect to use as a daily driver.

Once the update has loaded, you'll find Android P most immediate new features staring at you. The navigation along with the Back button, you now have a swipe bar that's reminiscent of the iPhone 10. Some things are familiar like tap to go home and press and hold for Google Assistant, other things are newer.

Swipe up…

Samsung Galaxy A6(2018) Review

Samsung's Galaxy A6 is the spiritual successor to the J5 of 2017 but notably it comes at almost double the price, what is this phone bring us new and are the upgrades worth it? This is our samsung galaxy A6 review.

The galaxy  A6 is a solid aluminum body a change from the J series plastic build blending a bit of a premium feel this should be pretty sturdy though unlike the more expensive a series phones it isn't waterproof, the J5 2017 had a physical home button and capacitive keys but there's nothing below the display this time around the keys are on screen without any vibrating feedback like you see on the S8 or S9.

The display itself is a 5.6 2 J-AMOLED with a trendy 18 point 5 by 9 aspect ratio Samsung actually calls it an infinity display but unlike the S9 or 8 you won't find any fancy curves here, it's too bad that the resolution is only 720p for this telescreen, the bigger sibling the A6 plus is the one which comes at 1080p you can sort of see hints of the pix…

The Stir Kinect Desk Keeps You Moving

As of late, I destroyed my back; a slight tumble down a few stairs and your lower leg turning at the correct wrong minute will do that. Subsequently, I could stand and rests… I just couldn't sit, which implied I rapidly needed to find the delights of a standing work area. Furthermore, I do quite suggest it, however they can simply make strides. Which is the place Stir comes in.

Changing Gears

Standing throughout the day isn't in reality any more beneficial than sitting throughout the day; reasonably you ought to have a scope of movement for the duration of the day. The Stir is intended to ensure that you don't simply remain there, yet move your weight, move around, and by and large endeavor to get somewhat more beneficial. Essentially, it unobtrusively moves for the duration of the day, constraining you to change your position.

The Desk That Learns

The Stir Kinetic Desk is basically intended to make sense of how you stand, and utilize that to influence you to move around progr…