Samsung Galaxy A6(2018) Review

Samsung's Galaxy A6 is the spiritual successor to the J5 of 2017 but notably it comes at almost double the price, what is this phone bring us new and are the upgrades worth it? This is our samsung galaxy A6 review.
Samsung Galaxy A6 FrontView

The galaxy  A6 is a solid aluminum body a change from the J series plastic build blending a bit of a premium feel this should be pretty sturdy though unlike the more expensive a series phones it isn't waterproof, the J5 2017 had a physical home button and capacitive keys but there's nothing below the display this time around the keys are on screen without any vibrating feedback like you see on the S8 or S9.

The display itself is a 5.6 2 J-AMOLED with a trendy 18 point 5 by 9 aspect ratio Samsung actually calls it an infinity display but unlike the S9 or 8 you won't find any fancy curves here, it's too bad that the resolution is only 720p for this telescreen, the bigger sibling the A6 plus is the one which comes at 1080p you can sort of see hints of the pixels underneath here even with a pixel density of 294 ppi, brightness wise is okay with 482 nits max brightness in auto mode sunlight legibility proves okay too but the score isn't too impressive for an AMOLED.

One thing we're left wishing for on the A6 is an always-on display which the Plus model does have there's no notification LED either so you'll be left guessing when to check your phone, there is a selfie flash up here though.
Samsung Galaxy A6 BackView (Single Camera)

Moving over to the back, the accents made from the curved antenna lines are an interesting touch is a single camera and below that the fingerprint reader is mounted in the center it's easy to reach but being so close to the camera also makes it easy to accidentally smudge your lens that said, the reader is accurate to wake up your phone. If you want to play it safe with your camera it's an option for face unlock that works well too.

The galaxy A6 comes with either 32 or 64 gigs of on-board storage miss dual sim model has dedicated slots for the two SIM cards in a microSD card all at the same time, for audio and the galaxy A6 has a single speaker located on the side of the phone it sounds great this speaker is loud and scored excellent in our tests.

You can also plug in headphones via the 3.5 millimeter jack at the bottom, loudness with headphones is just average but the sound reproduction is accurate plus their support for Dolby Atmos sound while plugged in as well as an FM radio, we are a bit disappointed to see the micro USB port at the bottom though for a 2018 phone at this price you should probably expect the reversible USB type-c.

Inside the Galaxy A6 is Samsung's Exynos 7870 chipset with 3 or 4GB of RAM it's the same as on last year's J5, but it's over two years old by now and starting to show its age. Benchmark performance is near the bottom of the charts but besides graphics performance it does still hold its own against the snapdragon 430 and 450 and it saves pretty cool without overheating, the only strong point this processor has his power efficiency, the A6 is 3000 milliamp hour batteries only average in size but still does a decent job earning endurance rating of 83 hours and our proprietary tests, we do wish it supported fast charging though.

The A6 is OS is the latest version of Samsung experience 9.0 running over Android a Oreo like on other Galaxy phones swiping left on the homescreen opens up bixby panels and Bixby vision can translate text and recognize objects to search for online of course there seems support to with a bunch you can choose from in the store.
PhotoShot on Samsung Galaxy A6

One of the big improvements over last year's J5 is the camera is the same shooter as on this year's A8 is 16 megapixels at F 1.7 with face detection autofocus, but no OIS in daylight photos are quite nice with good detail, well controlled noise and natural processing it does fall short in dynamic range though, high-contrast scenes often result in blown out highlights. You can try to save the scene with HDR mode which you have to switch to manually there's no auto HDR it does help in difficult scenes if the subjects are still without taking the livelier and more balanced image, in low light we weren't impressed by the results from the A6 there's a general softness of the photos along with luminance noise and significant discoloring since the galaxy A8 is much better in low light these results are probably do the lower processing power of this phone, the 16 megapixel F 1.9 selfie cam is also the same as the A8 and has fixed focus it does a great job, shots are sharp with a lot of detail and accurate colors, the selfie cam has a portrait mode too called selfie focus the defocusing blur is convincing and subject separation is decent, but the mode comes with some beautification which you can't control. Video recording is quite basic on the galaxy A6 probably due to the limited chipset resolution is capped at 1080p without 60fps mode or electronic stabilization that said, footage is nice with abundant detail, low noise and good color rendering.

So the Samsung Galaxy A6 it's not a bad phone, but where it falls short is this price tag 300 euros compared to last year's j5 which was 170, it has seen some upgrades this year with this metal design and a series camera and selfie cam, but otherwise the A6 is bringing an underpowered chipset grating display and no fast charging, nowadays mid-range phones are all about the bank pure buck fitting in a lot of features while keeping the price tag as low as possible, but at this price range competitors are doing a lot of what the A6 is doing but better.

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