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The best record players for any budget in 2018

A few recoveries are a triumph of promotion over the real world - the present Suede rebound, first of all. In any case, the 21st century's persisting energy for vinyl records has somewhat more substance past fetishising an antiquated innovation. Vinyl fulfills on various major dimensions - physicality, for example, and (most basic of all) nature of sound. Here are the best turntables 2018's cash can purchase, regardless of if that cash is under £150 or more than £8k.

WIRED Recommends: Rega Planar 3/Elys 2

Stars: Smooth, clean looks; exciting sound

Cons: We'll need to hit you up

In some form, the Rega P3 (or, as it's right now called, the Planar 3) has been around for the thick end of 40 years. What's more, it's a proportion of how right Rega got this deck at the start that the familiar aphorism "in the event that it ain't broke, don't settle it" applies more emphatically here than in some other case of the elderly innovation in this rundown.