Smart Home Gadget of the Month December: Sonos One

Our lives are getting smarter and our households are getting smarter - Smart Home is there to make everyday life easier. The choice of providers and devices is so great that you can easily lose track. Reason enough to introduce you to the smart home gadget of the month from now on.

The title of the smart home gadget in December goes to the first smart speaker from the house of Sonos, the Sonos One , which you can now quite simply control by Alexa language assistant, which makes it a great Christmas gift.

Sonos itself has been a bastion of high quality speakers for decades. If you're looking for a good sound, it's hard to get past the Californian company.

With the Sonos One, you can now adjust to the time and make the speaker smart. In the One the Alexa language assistant from Amazon was installed, which makes, among other things, the Amazon Echo so successful and easy to use.

Sonos One with Alexa integration
This means you can interact with the speaker by voice. By voice you stream music via Apple Music or Spotify in the best quality and that - apart from the power cable - completely wireless over WLAN. All you have to do is say "Alexa, play Artist X on Spotify". Finished.

Plus, thanks to Alexa, you can also plan your day (Alexa, get me "Appointment XY" for 6pm), get the latest weather forecast or access your route planner.

For the first time, it is also possible for you to control all other Sonos devices in your household by voice from the comfort of your couch, including other Smart Home gadgets.

Bass-heavy and wide sound picture
Compared to Google Home, Sonos One has six instead of two (Google Home) microphones so your voice will be heard from a distance.

Likewise, thanks to the Sonos components, the sound is much more bass-heavy, which creates a broader overall sound image. The modern and elegant design also sets the Sonos One apart from the competition, which justifies the higher price all in all.

If your wallet allows it, I recommend buying the Sonos One directly in the stereo set twice , so you can use both as a stereo or in a multiroom.

Sonos One
Dr. Marin Lissautzki, co-founder of tink, introduces his smart home device of the month of December

My conclusion: If you are looking for high quality stereo speakers that can also be controlled by voice and may already have other Sonos devices, then the Sonos One is just the right smart speaker for you.

In this offer there is a Google Home Mini free to do so. In addition you save with the voucher code basicthinking  10 Euro with tink starting from a order value of 100 euro.

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