Apple iPhone Xs Event: The "One more thing" party is over

Since today, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max can be pre-ordered. Both devices will again sell like stupid. The great magic of the past years was not ignited during the performance.

Everything was somehow the same again at the Cupertino event: Apple never missed a chance to pat themselves, celebrate themselves, and pretend to be the source of any innovation that has ever been around smartphones . It used to make me really excited that these events are always so terrible.

But firstly, you have to admit that Apple is able to raise such events in a really great way and that it does indeed present strong hardware there. Secondly, I've long come to terms with it - this self-celebration is almost a beloved technology for me. Become folklore.

Something was then but somehow different, I have the feeling. There are plenty of reasons for blasphemy, so that you could cut out a nice Pallenberg commemorative rant for the sake of the good, old mobile geeks tradition:

Why is an 849 Euro smartphone in 2018 only with an HD display and why no 3D Touch?
Why does the top model of the iPhone Xs Max cost more than a MacBook, and why not get an iPhone Xs for a three-figure price?
What about Fast Charging?
Why is there no free dongle more to the smartphone?
Why was the idea of ​​the camera so strange and teeming with supposed innovations that we somehow but already know from Android devices?
Why is one of the most personalized mobile operating system on iOS, when after the end of the wallet is almost layer with personalization?
Why are not there any real dual-SIM devices for Germany?
Why is the iPhone Xr so late and why does Apple suddenly have three flagship smartphones on the market at the same time?
Xs Max - why choose such a haggard name?
You see, the Californians actually make it easy for us to list them for something they could have solved better. But as I said: The mood is somehow different, so that even the desire to Ranten a little has passed. André Vatter has posted the appropriate video:

The problem is different: The magic somehow disappeared! If I remember iPhone events in the past few years, then it was true that almost the entire timeline was really hectic, whether on Twitter or Facebook. Everyone was hot and after the performance then completely excited (at least the many fanboys).

On days like today, where the pre-orders for the iPhone start, you could not save online from postings with "I've ordered" photos and I imagine that even at the event the enthusiasm despite all the buzzwords and superlatives to be desired left.

Please do not get me wrong now, because I really do not want to rant about Apple. That would be nonsense, because the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max are actually the best iPhones of all times, the new models will again sell like sliced ​​bread and because we are invariably a failure for any Android smartphone manufacturer. Could make a list longer than the above.

The golden years are over…
iphone xs
Yes, I know - lapsed headline. But she describes the problem that I want to get out to. Apple too must pay tribute to a saturated market and can not reinvent an almost perfect bike year after year. By "fat" I mean by no means that it will not ring in the cashier in Cupertino. On the contrary: Apple has set up great and will make tons of money again.

By contrast, the fat years for us consumers are almost over, I'm pretty sure of that. Take a look at the whole flagship squad: We see awesome gadgets from Samsung , Huawei, HTC , LG , Sony and all the Chinese like Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus and so many more. If you invest anything between 400 and 800 euros, you get really great smartphones, with which you also have fun for two years fun, even better is the even more expensive models.

But that also means that Samsung, Huawei and just Apple can no longer raushauen every year a smartphone revolution. An iPhone Xs is just a tiny bit better iPhone X and I do not come up with many arguments why an iPhone X owner should resort to the new model.

For Apple, this is a marketing dilemma: Technically, in the course of a year is not so terrible, but you still want to introduce new hardware every year. So you keep pretending that you've just developed an iPhone that puts people's jaws down, but honestly, they do not work anymore. It has become a very routine process that is being eagerly pre-ordered again and the owners of the new iPhones will undoubtedly hold one of the best smartphones in the world in their hands.

Nevertheless, such a presentation is now only great boredom for my feelings. Fans who want a new iPhone will buy it, regardless of whether Cook's keynote tells them that the new processor is 20 or 30 or 800 percent faster. It may be that you rate it differently, but for me it would be enough if next year just Apple raushaut a press release with a mountain photos and videos and this two-hour promo event stuck.

At some point you will have another "one more thing" moment - maybe, when you present your own car or a product class that we do not even think about yet. Until then, there is only a terrible amount of boredom - as almost everywhere on a very predictable smartphone market.

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