Apple: New iPhones come without free headphone dongles

Yesterday, the new iPhones were introduced. Also new is that Apple does not ship any free dongles that lets you use devices with 3.5mm audio plugs on the iPhone.

As it was to be expected, it also came yesterday: There was an iPhone Xs and the big brother iPhone Xs Max , as well as an iPhone Xr . The cheapest device is the latter smartphone , which is available from 849 euros to buy. Who decides for an Xs or Xs Max, is priced between 1 149 and 1 649 euros.

This is unquestionably a lot of wood, but Apple provides us with correspondingly high quality hardware. Whether these prices are appropriate, but we do not want to discuss at this point. Rather, I would like to point out that even these prices have not stopped Apple, the contents of the device a little steaming, more precisely, a previously free accessories: There will be no free dongles! Dongles that make it possible for you to use your accessories with 3.5 mm jack also on Lightning devices.

When Apple renounced an earphone jack on the iPhone two years ago, it was of course of the opinion that the trend is either to use headphones with Lightning connector or wireless alternatives. The fact that this plan (still) did not quite work out can be seen from the fact that the dongles still sell like sliced ​​bread and have been placed high in various sales charts since they were released .

Apple Flash Adapter for 3.5mm Headphone Single Pack White

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It must be taken into account that the parts sell so well, although Apple dongles these dongles for free with the iPhones. It can be seen that these adapters seem to be very easily lost and the iPhone owners then buy them directly instead of opting for other headphones.

From this point of view, it is quite remarkable that Apple now refrains from adding these dongles for free. We can now speculate whether the profit greed is - even if only a tenth in the separate purchase for this adapter must be invested, this is a very profitable business for Apple.

Or Apple thinks iPhone buyers either largely use their dongles from previous models, or have opted to opt for other headphone models. One way or the other: Anyone who orders an iPhone - and this includes the reduced iPhone 8 - and would like to use a headset with a 3.5 mm plug will have to take into account 10 euros.

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