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7 signs that you are particularly a rational thinker

Logical thinking, meaningful decisions, and rational action - many people boast about having these abilities and acting rationally . No wonder, after all, you like to have a very positive image of yourself that flatters your own ego. But whether this is true is another matter. We go into the question of what rationality and rationality mean, what the opposite is, and what seven signs show that you are particularly rational ...

7 signs that you are particularly rational

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Definition: What is rational anyway?
Why is it that "rational" has such a meaning?
What is the opposite of rational?
Prejudices and stereotypes determine conception
That's how you realize that you're very rational
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Definition: What is rational anyway?
Rational definition meaning synonymous decision oppositeA rational , purposive thinking and acting is called rational . The so-called ratio describes how the rational mind works: not intuitive (out of the gut), but - synonymous with rational - calculating, balancing, analytical, logical, justified.

The concepts rational and rationality are based on the concern to make one's own decisions and actions understandable to outsiders. If a majority of the action is perceived as appropriate and well-founded, it is rational.

Rational decides who has good reasons for his (conscious) decision and can name it - especially in order to achieve a specific goal. But because purpose and means are often valued differently, it is not always clear what is reasonable.

Many philosophers of modernity, including Max Weber and Karl-Otto Apel, therefore do not see one rationality, but rather speak of different rationalities of one rationality.

The evaluation category "rational", however, depends on the currently available knowledge: Lack of time and knowledge gaps lead again and again to decisions that would not be considered on closer inspection as a logical consequence, so rational approach.

Rational rationality meaning reason thinking acting graphic
Why is it that "rational" has such a meaning?
That rational action is so high in favor could be because each of us knows situations in which we would like to do the right things soberly, rationally and serenely . Instead, feelings like fear of failure , test anxiety or even panic attacks are spreading .

And everyone knows: fear is not a good guide. Because in fear or even panic , the perception narrows to tunnel vision - the Stone Age brain becomes active and the flight reflexes also.

Under these conditions, of course, no particularly good performance can be provided, not to mention the quality of life. On the other hand, behind the desire to see everything as rationally as possible is progressive thinking.

Emotions are therefore only annoying appendages that prevent one from progressing. Meanwhile, the sometimes insane belief in progress of past decades has given way to a certain realism. And the scientific realization that feelings are an evaluation system that helps to share things in important and unimportant ways.

What is the opposite of rational?
In philosophy, the higher valuation of the rational has been observed since the Enlightenment. It was the French philosopher René Descartes who in the 17th century coined the phrase "I think, therefore I am" and thus raised the thinking about feeling . According to this reading, rational is who thinks.

Since antiquity, ratio and emotio , that is, rationality and feeling, are an old pair of opposites. Where today, instead of true emotion, intuition is usually misinterpreted as a feeling .

Intuition can be rational - rational in the sense that there is a good reason for a decision. Unlike other decisions, however, we can not provide a justification for something on an ad hoc basis. Intuitive action is based on experiential knowledge that has come about holistically.

But emotional is not the opposite of rational, because emotional and rational need not be mutually exclusive . Very logical reasonable decisions can be presented with great enthusiasm . And the opposite of emotional is emotionless.

In reality, irrational is the opposite of rational . And irrational thoughts and actions can take place as rationally as well as emotionally and without.

Prejudices and stereotypes determine conception
Rational definition meaning synonymous decision oppositeBehind the higher valuation of rationality are outdated notions of what kind of people are, what personality traits they have, and how powerful they are.

On the one hand, there are still clichés in the minds of women who are simply more emotional (because they are "closer to the water") and thus less resilient. On the other hand, on the other hand, there is the man who would fundamentally approach things soberly and rationally.

One flaw of this thinking already lies in the fact that emotionality is tied to what is externally visible - for example, when an employee (or more likely an employee) bursts into tears.

Another mistake is equating emotionally with equal stress. An affront, considering how many women, who still make up the majority of single parents, master the double burden of work (albeit often part-time ) and parenting .

In the working world, especially in leadership positions, it is still an advantage if someone can control their feelings . Imagine business people in a brutal negotiation, in which one of the participants clearly the sweat is on his forehead and the nervousness is noted - a clear negotiating error . Only the control of feelings is not the same as absence.

A negotiator may well be nervous inside, but he has learned to use his body language accordingly. Because he knows about possible weak points , he has prepared intensively in advance - a completely rational approach.

That's how you realize that you're very rational
Rationality is seen as a strength when it comes to important decisions. Only those who weigh up, make reasonable judgments and think and act logically can achieve the best results on a regular basis.

Not everyone makes particularly rational choices, but some prefer listening to their emotions instead. We've put together seven signs that can show you that you are extremely rational and can rely on your rational thinking :

They are always looking for the reasons
Simply accept information, specifications, processes or developments? That is out of the question for you. Instead, you always look for the underlying reasons and try to understand them. Another indication that you are particularly rational is that you find it difficult to complete a task the purpose of which you do not recognize . Again, you will try to understand the value of your work for the entire project and why you have been selected for this task.

Take your time with decisions
The first gut feeling can be quite right and provide an important impulse, but it is not rational. If you prefer to spend more time making decisions, sleeping one more night, and wanting to gather more information before you make a final decision, there are many things that make you think rationally and that your decisions are shaped by this rationality.

You know exactly where to find important information
Not infrequently, rationality is misunderstood. It's not about always knowing everything and having the right answer to every question. Rather, it's rationality to be able to find important information quickly when needed. It shows that you can also find the answers to difficult questions and always achieve a promising result.

You always have a precise plan
If you do something, you want to do it right. So you always have a concrete plan of your project in mind, to which you can orient yourself. So you already know in advance, which possible difficulties may arise, but already have the right solution ready. This applies both to work, where you plan a project in detail as well as to your private life, where, for example, you never travel spontaneously, but always know exactly which sights you want to visit when and for how long.

They attach great importance to advantages and disadvantages
It is the classic of rationality: you always weigh the pros and cons of different options, to ultimately come to a choice that, in your view, has the best chance of succeeding. You always know exactly what chances there are on the one hand, but also know the risk that is associated with it. Whether you tend to be safe or risk-dependent depends on your personality .

They quickly learn new skills
New skills always take time and practice, but if you choose to learn something new, you usually make faster progress than others. The reason: They approach the matter with a well thought out concept, set clear goals and know exactly what to do to succeed.

They are not guided by emotions
Emotions can not be exhibited - no matter how rational a person is. What matters is how you handle it. Some let themselves be blinded by their emotions. On the other hand, if you are particularly rational, you will be able to disregard your emotions when making a decision or judging a situation rationally and objectively.


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