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Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic

In spring 2014, my better half Geoff and I were coming up short on cash.

We'd left Canada in 2013 to go for whatever length of time that our financial balances would let us, however in the wake of going through 7 months voyaging, the cash was depleting from our records quicker than it was coming in.

We'd both been fiddling with different independent employments on the web, however weren't securing enough generously compensated positions to cover our costs. We realized we expected to accomplish something.

Furthermore, in the event that we didn't act soon, we realized our future would incorporate a single direction ticket back to Canada to clean off our resumes.

I'd recognized what would be inevitable half a month back and had been looking into our choices on the web. When we achieved Belgrade, Serbia, the opportunity had arrived to disclose to Geoff my concept of showing English in Prague.

We strolled to the stronghold sitting above the city one day and found a peac…