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Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic

In spring 2014, my better half Geoff and I were coming up short on cash.

We'd left Canada in 2013 to go for whatever length of time that our financial balances would let us, however in the wake of going through 7 months voyaging, the cash was depleting from our records quicker than it was coming in.

We'd both been fiddling with different independent employments on the web, however weren't securing enough generously compensated positions to cover our costs. We realized we expected to accomplish something.

Furthermore, in the event that we didn't act soon, we realized our future would incorporate a single direction ticket back to Canada to clean off our resumes.

I'd recognized what would be inevitable half a month back and had been looking into our choices on the web. When we achieved Belgrade, Serbia, the opportunity had arrived to disclose to Geoff my concept of showing English in Prague.

We strolled to the stronghold sitting above the city one day and found a peaceful spot on the fortification dividers. There, under the warm Balkan sun, with the capital spilling out at our feet, I revealed to Geoff we should move to Prague.

Quick forward a couple of months after the fact, and we'd completed a well-regarded TEFL course in the Czech capital. We had all day work and specialist visas. What's more, we were going into a great Prague summer loaded up with $2 brews and excited investigation.

We wound up remaining in Prague for 15 months until an alternate open door thumped, and we migrated to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Be that as it may, the time we spent in Prague was actually what we required.

Do You Need Experience to Teach English in Prague?

It might appear as though a jump to go from the corporate employments we had in Canada to showing English in Europe. Indeed, Geoff and I met as English instructors in Taiwan. We moved back to Canada decently not long after in the wake of gathering to begin vocations in deals and PR, yet we generally glanced back at our time in Taiwan affectionately.

In spite of the fact that we had experience encouraging English before we moved to Prague, you needn't bother with it. The TEFL class we participated in Prague had 12 educator learners or somewhere in the vicinity, and Geoff and I were the main two who'd done it previously.

Showing English in Prague: Our Experiences

There are various sorts of employments showing English in Prague. My experience and Geoff's were both very extraordinary. This is something to be thankful for; when you're set up as an English educator in Prague, you can structure your work day around the sort of understudies, subjects, and class measure you like.

My first employment was showing summer language intensives. My understudies extended from their last year of secondary school to close retirement age, and many were utilizing a portion of their late spring occasions to improve their English aptitudes.

A little while, I showed a similar gathering of understudies throughout the day. In these classes, I was totally responsible for the educational programs, which was a great deal of weight, yet additionally implied we could cover intriguing themes and invest energy in exercises that kept the understudies drew in and dynamic all through the class.

Different weeks, I showed various understudies in the first part of the day and evening or showed a few distinct classes every morning and evening. During these classes, I pursued a course book the school gave: it required less anticipating my part yet wasn't as a good time for me or the understudies.

At the point when the mid year finished, I was offered occupations at a few schools and took one at a similar language focus where we'd finished our TEFL course. Here, I showed three 45-minute classes from 8 am until 11 am, and after that few classes again from 4 pm until 8 pm.

Every one of my understudies were grown-ups, and there was no educational modules, which was my inclination. It additionally implied I was free amidst the day to investigate Prague, chip away at our site or other independent work, or get up to speed with snoozes.

Geoff's experience instructing in Prague was unique and progressively regular of the normal English educator in Prague. He worked for a few schools in the meantime and manufactured a full-time timetable showing business English to specialists in organizations around Prague.

Private English exercises are a typical representative advantage in Prague, and organizations enlist English educators to come into their office and meet with their specialists one-on-one or as a gathering.

For some universal organizations with workplaces in Prague, the official language of the workplace is English: this guarantees staff can undoubtedly speak with partners in different nations. It likewise implies the staff some of the time require language help.

Geoff made a trip to zones all over Prague every day to convey both gathering and individual exercises. He frequently begun his first exercise at 7 am, before the workday began, and was done around 10 am, the point at which the laborers got occupied with their day. He regularly had a couple of exercises toward the finish of the workday, as well. Exercises kept going either 45 or an hour and a half.

For gathering exercises, Geoff arranged exercises on various themes for a few, and pursued a course book for other people.

For individual exercises, he frequently just met with his understudy and helped them with a particular issue they were having in English. He helped them get ready for English addresses they needed to convey at gatherings and gatherings abroad, alter messages they needed to send in English, and make inside introductions in English.

At the point when there was anything but a particular issue they required assistance with, he would allow them to rehearse their conversational and business English.

Geoff likewise got a couple of courses at the language school we finished our TEFL accreditation at.

What Kinds of Teaching English Jobs are Available in Prague?

Albeit most English encouraging occupations in Prague are for grown-up understudies, those aren't the main employments around the local area. Most educators will assemble an instructing plan that consolidates working at a language school with private exercises with their own understudies.

Showing English in Kindergartens and Preschools in Prague

Many white collar class Praguers need their kids to talk fantastic English, and they know it's essential to begin early.

Along these lines, numerous kindergartens and preschools employ local English-talking instructors to work related to Czech-talking educators.

The greatest bit of leeway of an occupation like this is the unfaltering check and normal hours. We never did this sort of work, so can't talk about it inside and out.

Instructing English at Language Schools in Prague

There are numerous language schools working in Prague. The greater part of the schools offer some gathering classes nearby, just as sending their educators out to workplaces in neighborhoods all over Prague.

The on location courses are regularly 'post-optional' courses intended for understudies to pass an unknown dialect test or open courses for individuals who need to go to the school and learn in a gathering or separately. As an English educator in Prague, you'll likely show a mix of these courses.

For most educators coming to Prague, language schools are the primary spot to find a new line of work. At first, you ought to expect for your calendar to be not exactly perfect: the instructors with longer residency will get first right of refusal on courses, and are probably going to turn down courses with less alluring areas and hours.

The drawback to this is you may spend an enormous bit of your instructing day going around the city at first. The upside to this is you'll become more acquainted with Prague's various neighborhoods in all respects rapidly!

Showing Private English Lessons in Prague

In case you're innovative enough, you can sidestep the language schools and run your training administration like a business.

Regardless of whether you work for a kindergarten or language school, you'll be enlisted as a specialist, and will be required to have a consultant business permit (like a sole ownership in numerous nations – more on this beneath).

Since you aren't actually a representative of any one school, it's not any more entangled from a duty point of view to go full out and run your instructing administration like a business. In this situation, whatever you charge goes directly in your pocket.

Justifiably, numerous educators lean toward this methodology. Be that as it may, it very well may be hard to totally fill a calendar with these exercises.

It's additionally important all schools have a provision in your showing contract against taking understudies from the school, so you'll have to discover private understudies outside any occupations you have with a language school.

The amount Money Can You Make Teaching English in Prague?

Schools pay educators constantly, yet an instructing "hour" is characterized as 45 minutes. A 45-minute course is one showing hour, and an hour and a half course charges as two educating hours.

Starting educators can hope to acquire about CKZ 300 for each instructing hour. Remember, time spent arranging exercises (which can be a great deal at the outset) isn't paid.

As of late, probably the biggest language schools in Prague have been united, and are currently possessed by a similar organization. They are still overseen independently, be that as it may, and you'll have to consult with them freely.

On the off chance that you choose to strike out without anyone else and offer private exercises outside a language school, starting instructors can charge around CKZ 500 for each educating hour.

So What You Can Expect Teaching English in Prague

English instructors in Prague are enlisted as specialists, so you can work for a few schools in the meantime and organize an instructing plan that works for you. It likewise implies you'll be in charge of making good on your own government expenses, medical coverage, and social protection.

A decent calendar will have somewhere in the range of 25 and 35 showing hours seven days. In Prague, one instructing hour is characterized as 45 minutes.

Most of English instructing employments in Prague are instructing grown-ups. In that capacity, the most well known occasions for exercises is early morning before understudies begin work, and at night after understudies completion work. A few instructors additionally show end of the week exercises.

Language schools pay starting instructors around CKZ 300 for each educating hour. On the off chance that you mastermind a private exercise straightforwardly with an understudy, you can pay around CKZ 500.

In a normal month, starting instructors can hope to acquire between CKZ 25,000 and 35,000 every month. Remember that throughout the late spring and winter occasions, numerous schools close and understudies take some time off. Your pay during this time might be less.

As a consultant, you won't have paid excursion. You'll have to facilitate with whatever schools you are working for on the off chance that you need to go on vacation. What's more, obviously, you'll have to spending plan as you won't get paid for downtime.

Anticipate that your classes should be seen by school directors every once in a while. The schools need to guarantee their understudies are getting the best understanding, and won't dither to monitor you from time to time. Treat these perception sessions as a chance to improve as an instructor, and apply any useful criticism you get to future exercises. Remember Czechs are not socially used to framing a message to save somebody's emotions. In the event that the input ever appears to be unforgiving, recollect it's not close to home.

Prerequisites to Teach English in Prague

The times of folding into Prague with just a knapsack, local dimension English and plans to educate are a distant memory. Language schools are kept running as expert organizations, and they need qualified educators who will stick around for quite a while.

A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) testament is a necessity for everything except the most extraordinary cases. Educators with one of the "highest quality level" capabilities in TEFL declarations – CELTA or Trinity Cert-TESOL – will be generally aggressive.

Despite the fact that there is a solid interest for English instructors in Prague, schools should make certain the understudies can meet their objectives and requirements.

Having a college degree will likewise go far in helping you look for some kind of employment as an instructor, yet it's in no way, shape or form a necessity.

In the event that you have a degree or expert involvement in a particular field, you can regularly use it to get exceptional sorts of instructing assignments. Business English is particularly important, and in the event that you have a solid order of business vocabulary and language you can anticipate a considerable measure of classes in organizations.

As Prague turns out to be progressively universal, open doors for educators who can instruct understudies about medicinal, mechanical, and other specific English themes are expanding also.

Getting a new Line of work Teaching English in Prague: Our Experiences

The incredible thing about instructing English in Prague is qualified English educators can for the most part look for some kind of employment rapidly.

There's an extreme interest for instructors, making it genuinely simple to get work. Most educators come to Prague to get their TEFL affirmation and discover they have offers for work before finishing the accreditation course. This is what befallen us.

In the last two weeks of our TEFL course, our instructional hub sent our resumes around to language schools in their system. That equivalent day, both Geoff and I had meetings arranged. Before the week's over, we had sorted out all day work beginning the next Monday.

How Might You Get a Job Teaching English in Prague?

In the event that you as of now have your TEFL confirmation, you won't have the advantage of your instructional hub to enable you to get a new line of work. All things considered, your most solid option is to contact the enormous language schools in Prague legitimately and start to fabricate a system.

This site has a genuinely exhaustive rundown of English schools in Prague, including contact data, and is a decent spot to begin. You're probably not going to have much achievement in case you're not as of now in Prague, however. You'll should be on the ground to find a new line of work.

Getting Your Czech Freelancer Visa

On the off chance that you aren't an EU native, you'll have to apply for a visa to live in the Czech Republic, and a consultant permit (Živnostenský List, which is regularly abbreviated to Živno) so as to function as an English instructor. On the off chance that you are an EU resident, you'll have to apply for simply the consultant permit.

We entered the Schengen Zone in Prague on a 90-day visitor visa and took a one-month TEFL course through Oxford House Prague. During the course, we utilized a visa office to enable us to apply for our residency grant and our Živno.

Our underlying residency grant was conceded for 9 months. We at that point connected for (and got) a 2-year residency grant. Had we remained in the Czech Republic, we could have connected for perpetual residency.

To get the residency license, we needed to get a considerable amount of desk work sorted out. The archives required rely upon your nationality, yet you should check what's required before you leave your nation of origin.

For instance, as Canadians, we required a criminal record check, however our American companions didn't require one.

We likewise needed to demonstrate we had US $6,000 per individual in our financial balance to help ourselves, show we had some place to live, have medical coverage for the length of our visa, and get consent from our landowner to maintain our consultant business from our loft.

At long last, we needed to leave the Czech Republic for a meeting arrangement at a Czech Embassy abroad. We went to Berlin, yet Vienna and Bratislava are likewise normal goals for this arrangement. When our visa was affirmed, we needed to come back to a similar international safe haven to get the visa. We were glad to visit Berlin twice, yet this unquestionably adds some cost to the procedure!

For the Živno, the visa operator dealt with the application procedure from start to finish, and we didn't need to do anything!

This whole procedure took a month and a half for us, yet we've known about it taking any longer, contingent upon which Czech international safe haven you apply at. While your visa application is in procedure, you can get an exceptional extension visa if your 90-day visitor visa lapses. As a rule, you should begin the procedure when you sensibly can after landing in Prague.

In the event that you choose to take a stab at showing English in Prague, we composed a far reaching guide about how to get a specialist visa in the Czech Republic that may help.

Why You'll Love Teaching English in Prague

Encouraging English in Prague is a rich encounter for an entire scope of reasons – a considerable lot of which we didn't anticipate.

The most remunerating part of the activity was our understudies. Not at all like in Taiwan, where we instructed English to kids, in Prague, we educated grown-ups. Try not to misunderstand me: instructing children is a ton of fun. In any case, they don't actually blow away you with social experiences.

Instructing English to grown-ups in Prague, we had the option to get familiar with a great deal about Prague and Czechia, in light of the fact that our understudies revealed to every one of us about it during exercises.

The majority of our Czech understudies had been moved by the previous socialist routine here and there. Possibly they were mature enough to recollect growing up under a socialist government, or they encountered leftover socialism, whereby a social inheritance of that time was passed down from age to age and kept on forming the manner in which things are done in Czechia somewhat.

Life under socialism is something numerous westerners experience difficulty understanding until really conversing with the individuals who were influenced by it. Along these lines, we left Prague with an entirely different perspective than we arrived.

Prague additionally shows a brilliant mix of western and eastern societies. It is a cosmopolitan European capital with a lot of universal culture, yet regardless it clutches eastern conventions.

Obviously, Prague is an incredible base from which to travel, too. Vienna and Berlin are short train rides away. We presumably went to Berlin at least multiple times during our 15 months in Prague!

Urban communities like Krakow and Budapest (where we live currently) are somewhat further away, yet at the same time reasonable for a long end of the week. For some educators in Prague, voyaging and finding new societies is 60 percent of the reason it's such an extraordinary way of life. Prague is a standout amongst the best areas in Europe for this!

In case you're not scared of a little diligent work and appreciate the reward you get from having the option to help individuals learn, you could possibly receive more in return than your understudies do.

Some Final Tips on the off chance that You Want to Teach English in Prague

The Czech language is troublesome, and numerous administration civil servants just communicate in Czech. Procuring somebody to enable you to explore the visa and specialist permitting procedures is one of the sharpest choices you can make.

Beginning showing English in Prague, numerous educators overestimate the amount they're going to make, and don't spending plan appropriately. Finding a room in a flatshare is a decent choice when you're beginning.

It's likewise important, Czechs just get paid once per month. This is unordinary for Americans used to two checks every month, so planning appropriately is significant.

While Prague is an advanced European city – a few people contrast it with Paris – there are some Eastern European customs may appear to be peculiar to untouchables. Czechs love these customs and sincerely aren't that intrigued by how pariahs feel about them.

In the case of something appears to be odd, recall the general purpose of living in an alternate culture is to find out about it and get it, do whatever it takes not to make it like the way of life you left. Czechs are glad to show you their way of life, yet they are not keen on evolving it.


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