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Malaysia must be a standout amongst the most various nations on the planet.

Individuals, foods, dialects, and religions all accumulate here from various regions of the world and make up this great nation overflowing with character, undertakings, and revelations for inquisitive explorers to disentangle.

What's more, you won't need to shell over your life's reserve funds to encounter it either.

Exploring Malaysia is truly reasonable and encountering it for half a month will possibly slow down you a couple of hundred bucks in the event that you play your cards right.

I trust this guide provokes some interest and urges you to invest more energy investigating. The following is a 2-week Malaysia schedule, a few hints, and tricks to watch out for, transportation data and some evaluated expenses for your movement in the nation.


Malaysia, the nation at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, just over a thin strait from Sumatra, carefully roosted between the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman ocean is flawless, tropical, and exceptionally grew at this point perfectly immaculate.

Be that as it may, what makes Malaysia emerge, and what makes hiking Malaysia so engaging, among the majority of its Southeast Asian neighboring nations is a certain something: its mixture of decent variety.

Malaysia is home to such an energizing and broadly differing blend of societies from Chinese to Indian, from European to many other Asian ethnicities. Add to that the scope of religions invited and observed They have Buddhists and Muslims, Christians and Hindus. This land is my territory. This land is your territory—without a doubt.

On only a fourteen day Malaysia schedule you'll trek through rainforests, move through tea fields, and sun your buns on shorelines. On the off chance that you just book one fourteen day excursion this year and need a touch of everything, I'd be unable to discover you a superior spot.



The vast majority fly into the global terminal of Kuala Lumpur, the capital. Penang and Langkawi likewise have residential and universal terminals.

This schedule starts in Kuala Lumpur, so in the event that you fly into one of your different alternatives, remember travel time. On the other hand, you could fly into Singapore, only south of Malaysia, invest some energy there, and after that jump a flight or a train north to Malaysia.

Likewise, note that there is two global airplane terminals in Kuala Lumpur and MANY individuals get these stirred up. Twofold and triple check your agendas to ensure you know which one you're flying all through.


In case you're originating from Thailand, I'd recommend beginning Penangang. The trains from Hat Yai, Thailand to Penang, Malaysia re very happy with, unwinding, and the best part is that extremely shabby. The main thing it, it drops you off at Butterworth station and after that you'll have to discover a van, taxi, or ship to take you over the scaffold to get to Penang.

Another shabby yet speedier choice is taking a transport. You'll just need a couple of hours and before you know it; you're in Malaysia! Very simple and thusly, you go directly to Penang. Check Prices Here


You should give yourself at any rate two days to go from here to there and there to here in the event that you need to accommodate your exploring Malaysia trip all into about fourteen days. This 2-week Malsyai agenda takes into account some cushioning and depending how modest (otherwise known as moderate) your vehicle decisions are will decide how much additional time you'll requirement for transportation.


When we talk about assorted variety, culture, and the blend that is Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the place you will get the majority of this in high focus. You are in this huge, clamoring, flourishing city to absorb everything.

In case you're into statures, you need to look at the Petronas Towers, twin towers that gloat the title of tallest twin towers in Asia, with a scaffold that traverses the separation between the two.

And after that the Kuala Lumpur Tower, where you can sit 335 meters over the ground on a glass floor, looking down at the city and its marvels with apparently nothing underneath you. Eek!

For a touch of regular history on your Malaysia agenda, you can head simply outside the city to the Batu Caves, limestone precipices that incorporate gives in and cut cavern sanctuaries. You can look at wild monkeys and bats while you're there.

Furthermore, obviously, you realize I'm going to instruct you to eat road sustenance! Hutong is a sustenance court housed in the Lot 10 shopping center is a standout amongst the best around. You can engorge yourself on the wide assortment of nourishment offered crosswise over Malaysia that has come to have its flavor unmistakable from the way of life they started from.

By and by, my preferred thing to eat in Malaysia is all the Indian Food. Being veggie lover and living on seared rice and noodle from being in Southeast Asia so long, the Indian nourishment here was an invited break from the standard Asian charge I was utilized to. Give me all the naan!

Private Half-Day Batu Caves Waterfalls and Hot Springs Tour

Little Group Food Trail Walking Tour

Private Tour: Kuala Lumpur with Petronas Twin Towers Observation Deck and Batu Caves


Okay, you folks come here for reality, and I'm going to offer it to you: I didn't become hopelessly enamored with the Perhentian Islands.

In any case, I will say that upon reflection this could in all likelihood be on the grounds that everyone I know developed it so high before I arrived that Perhentian Islands will undoubtedly miss the mark in my estimation except if it actually shot butterflies and rainbows from each corner and had a shoreline brimming with little dogs for me to nestle with.

It could likewise be on the grounds that I have voyage widely for quite a long time and It's difficult to overwhelm me, particularly with regards to shorelines.

These islands are decent. The shorelines are amiable (however nothing significantly exceptional for me), and the sun and sand are warm. I'm allowing you three days here in light of the fact that you're prepared for some chill time after all your biking and trekking and in light of the fact that you completely should swim with reef sharks…

Indeed, the reef sharks spared my visit to the Perhentian Islands from being simply "alright." I would go again only for the experience of getting the chance to swim with these very resigned and delicate dark sharks along the coral reef in completely clear blue water. It was beautiful. Gracious, and there are turtles as well!

Allows additionally simply ensure you comprehend this was a sincere belief, I'm including this on my Malaysia schedule on the grounds that nearly everybody I addressed adored the Perhentian Islands and chances are you haven't experienced childhood with the shoreline and went for a considerable length of time like I have before visiting, so you'll most likely cherish them.

Side note: There are TWO islands that make up the Perhentians. Basar and Kecil. Those exploring Malaysia will in general stick to Kecil and those with greater spending plans and families ordinarily rush to Basar.


Bounce on a bicycle and hit the boulevards. Why? Two reasons: workmanship and nourishment. The road craftsmanship is all over the place, it is intriguing, and it incorporates genuine aesthetic paintings and what adds up to great spray painting. Discovering every last bit of it could take you days on end.

Subsequent to accelerating like an insane person to chase down as much road workmanship as you can, you'll become really hungry that will be consummately and reliably satisfied by road nourishment. Eat. Everything. Truly.

Penang is home to great eats discovered in that spot at the following slow down you hit on your Malaysia schedule.

Trek through one of the world's littlest national parks, Penang National Park.

It's small in respect to most national parks, however despite everything it packs a punch with lakes, wetlands, and coral reefs to investigate. Furthermore, toward the finish, all things considered, you can go to Batu Ferringhi Beach for a loosening up mixed drink as you watch the dusk.

There are such huge numbers of sanctuaries, delightful gift shops loaded with excellent carefully assembled things (and I more often than not couldn't care less for this time, yet Penang would be the spot to get keepsakes!) and little rear entryways to advance down and unearth some adorable coffeehouses.


I'll allow you one day of your Malaysia schedule to spend in the city of Ipoh before surging you off to the mountains of Cameron Highlands. You will probably need to stop here before taking off to the Cameron Highlands except if you time it without flaw and can advance out!

In the event that you need to go through the night in Ipoh, look at some more road craftsmanship, appreciate the nearby nourishment, and meander down Concubine Lane. Ahem, that's right. Mistress Lane.

This road was once where British dignitaries used to keep their special ladies. Presently, you can walk around this really little road and shop for knickknacks and eat neighborhood treats.

I unearthed this zone on mishap and was searching for a room. Allows simply state my room went at a rate constantly and I was upbeat for an early look at to get my transport to Cameron Highlands!

Truly, in the event that you've invested any energy in Southeast Asia, you realize it can get hot, damp and sweat-soaked in the greater part of these beautiful tropical atmospheres. Cameron Highlands offers you a much-invited reprieve from all that. I realize I was glad to wear my scarf and long jeans for a change.

The Mossy Forest was one of my preferred climbs. It is actually what it sounds like, a woodland canvassed in greenery. Furthermore, a standout amongst the most lethal plants on earth, The Pitcher Plant.

It's a horrendous plant that works its demise enchantment all around gradually. Neighborhood clans used to utilize it as a weapon against one another, enabling foes to dissolve and bite the dust over a month or two of desolation—per my guide. Yea. I didn't get close to the plant.

The Mossy Forest is a simple climb that incorporates a couple of daring focuses where you have to drop down rocks or move up overgrown regions. At last, you'll get great perspectives and a decent exercise,

You can likewise visit a strawberry field, where you can pick and eat your berries, and take a pack or two back to your inn. Meander through a tea manufacturing plant to perceive how tea is prepared, from naturally picked plant to dried, stowed and sent. While you're there, take a spin through the absolute most extravagant and verdant tea fields on the planet.

At last, take the trail to Robinson Falls. It's a flawlessly picturesque walk that was moderately tranquil and separated when I was there and takes you to a copiously streaming waterway that for all intents and purposes sings to you while you trek. It's a too smooth approach to end this piece of your Malaysia schedule.

I got lost here for a couple of days essentially appreciating life in an interesting little mountain town, drinking bunches of tea, and going on trails. There are 14 or so trails that snake around the town.

While here, you can simply get a guide anyplace and afterward use Maps.Me to advance around.

I'll leave you with this one final note for this Malaysia agenda… This is simply starting to expose what's underneath. I'm DYING to go to Malaysia Borneo, that enormous island, imparted to Indonesia and the nation of Brunei to one side of the territory. On the off chance that you have additional time, jump over and disclose to me about it so I can be too desirous!


A large portion of the sustenance recorded here are neighborhood dishes, however as you may know currently, there are a lot of Chinese and Indian nourishment choices also!

Nasi Lemak: Fat rice is the way this is deciphered, and it incorporates coconut rice, prawn sambal, broiled anchovies, peanuts, cucumber cuts, and Ayam severing.

Nasi Kerabu: Blue rice. You should attempt it since it's blue. In any case, it likewise happens to be great. Presented with fricasseed chicken, eggs and singed keropok, you get a tad of everything.

Assam Laksa: Rice noodles in harsh tamarind stock. What's more, on top, you'll get mackerel and veggies with a pinch of hot glue. Yum.

Bak Kut Teh: Ak Kut Teh is a pork rib stew with a salty stock that arrives in an enormous pot and bowls of rice. Check this out on this generous dish.

Soupy Lou Shu Fan: Mouse tail noodle soup. Try not to stress. It's not made with mouse tails. It's recently called that as a result of the state of the noodles. This supper is delectable, too new, and low in zest.

Truly, don't pass up Indian nourishment—naan is life for me, and request a masala dosa! (or on the other hand like, truly anything.) Vegetarians, celebrate! Malaysia is one of the simplest places in the area to be a veggie lover and I property a ton of that to the awesome Indian sustenance that is found all over the place.

Chinese cafés are copious too and they generally have incredible new fish choices.


As with getting into Malaysia, you can fly all through Malaysia, particularly on the off chance that you are lacking in time. There are various airplane terminals around the nation, and a brisk inquiry on AirAsia will uncover some modest and simple choices for you.

You can likewise take the train. Note, this will be the least choice, however it is an encounter as well. The train in Malaysia are very pleasant, really, and are a decent decision in case you're making a beeline for Thailand.

TIP: is the most ideal approach to book ships, transports, and prepares early in Malaysia!

I've taken the night train from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai, Thailand ordinarily. On the off chance that you have an average measure of baggage, this could be a less expensive choice that was paying for all your handled in packs.

Picking a transport is likewise extremely simple and dependable in Malaysia. Basically everybody I've at any point been on was spotless and respectable.


The temperature shifts between the east and west shores of Malaysia. The west coast is driest from December to April, and the east coast is driest from April to October.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to hit that sweet spot, April is an extraordinary month to take your risks with. However, by and large, April to October are the greatest months.

January and February are regularly great months as well. In any case, these are likewise the busiest months for Malaysia.


The following are a few midpoints for you to work with. Costs can get altogether less expensive and substantially more costly, once more, these are simply midpoints to get the wheels turning on the amount you'll have to rucksack Malaysia.

in case you're going with somebody, costs will be significantly less too since you'll be sharing expenses.

The costs underneath are in USD.

Place Accommodation

Kuala Lumpur

Lodgings are around $8

Guesthouses are around $15

Lodgings are around $25

Top neighborhoods for

hikers in Malaysia:

KL Sentral



Bukit Bintang








Perhentians (Kecil and Basar)

Value go from $20 to $120


Inns are around $8

Guesthouses are around $19

Inns are around $25

Cameron Highlands

Inns are around $7

Guesthouses are around $25

Inns are around $35

Transportation shrewd inside the towns and urban areas: Bus/Taxi: $.50/$2.50

Transportation from city to city: $3-$9

The supper range is from modest road nourishment to mid-run semi-formal café: $1 – $8

A decent normal spending plan would be around $40 and a $20 spending plan should be possible in case you're on a super shoestring and are cautious.


Check the visa necessities in the event that something goes wrong! Fortunately, numerous nations are sans visa (Americans, that incorporates you!) yet it's constantly critical to twofold check.

Dress minimalistically. This is a Muslim nation. Bathing suits are fine at the shoreline as it were. Clearly, conceal at sanctuaries each more, as this is the situation for any sanctuary in the locale.

Get Ringgit IN Malaysia, not before you go, except if you adore getting horrible trade rates that is.

Spontaneous visits offered by "cordial local people" or ordinarily, taxis, will finish up bring a snare as they will attempt to get you to go somewhere else, typically a companion's place with expectations of a commission. Just book visits and outings through dependable organizations. Klook is a standout amongst the best places to book visits through in Aisa.

ATM skimming is on the ascent here, just utilize authority bank ATMs and don't focus on arbitrary messages about "false utilization" on your card, they trust you call their number and offer secure data. Just get back to the number on the of your card if there are any issues.

Online programmers LOVE individuals who sign into complimentary wireless internet systems. Try not to do it, or in any event, have a VPN!

Insignificant robbery happens everywhere throughout the world, you can help keep away from it by utilizing against burglary gear when voyaging.

Make a point to appreciate ALL the various cooking styles in Malaysia or you'll be passing up a standout amongst the best pieces of the nation.

It's very simple to get around Malaysia, numerous individuals you'll experience will talk a fair degree of English.

Use Grab to get around in the event that you despise wheeling and dealing with cabs and need a forthright value, it's one of the most effortless approaches to get around Malaysia!

Eager to knapsack Malaysia? Tell us about your excursion in the remarks!


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